Friday, August 7, 2009

Another week down

My very good friend Dana lost his father last night, I do not know what happen. All I know is how grateful I am to know the gospel to know that my Family will be together again. What peace that bring to you when you lose a loved one.My prayers go out to the Ooelker Family for peace and comfort during this lose.
This week has been a normal week for us, just living life and doing what we do best which is just playing. Today is raining so we are going to head over the mall and let the kids play. But since it's raining it means other Mom's will have the same idea as we do.
Last night we said good bye to a wonderful family in our ward. They are moving out to Utah and we will miss them so very much. I had the wonderful chance to work with Kathleen when she was in the RS president she is a wonderful women one who is so very selfless and comes to the Lords call when she is needed. I love their family so very much. I wish the best of luck in their new state!
Aaron did very well on his test he passed and now has off base liberty plus he gets to wear normal clothes and not his uniform all day long. I had sent him some extra shirts which he is very grateful about. He and some friends went the mall yesterday, but he said with the cost of the taxi and dinner it was a trip that he won't do very much. He next test is Tuesday and that he has another one on Friday of next week.
I am feeling pretty good right now, but it's allegery season for us and my allergies are kicking my butt. Yesterday if the kids wanted to go out and play they could, but I was not going to go out with them . Which meant for Kingston he wasn't able to go out to play. He was not a happy little guy for that reason. Maybe the rain will take some of that pollen count down for a day or so!