Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Saint's Game

Last Tuesday night we went with Katy, Haleigh, Adam his sister and her daughter to the Saint Paul Saints Minor league Baseball game. It was so much fun. Dakota loved it, but I think he loved his little bat and ball more than the game. The Saint Paul Saints are so much fun for families, this time there was a ping pong table which Dakota was trying to play with Rocks since he was not able to find a ball.
They have a couple of guys who are dressed up and will go into the crowd and talk with them. Dakota was really scared of the guy who had a mask on, but was ok with him after the guy gave Dakota some popcorn. Which Dakota still has the bag of popcorn
Dakota did a pretty good job in watching the game, we watched the game for about an hour and than he was done, which was ok by me. We than sat the pinic tables and just let the kids run around and Aaron was still able to watch the game.