Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Yes we are finally home :) It's been a very long 3 weeks for us. Peyton is doing great. For those who don't know. Peyton was kept in the hospital for an extra week because of some damage done to his treachea while he was on the ventilator. So we had to wait for the little dead skin to fall off and the ENT wanted to make sure we were in a "safe" place when that happened.
I am so very grateful for all of you who were praying for us. The prayers truely did work, Peyton was suppose to be still in the hospital this week, but it was a miracle in my book that the skin fell off and he was not in any distress at all. I don't know if I would have been able to handle it.
It was bad enough to have Aaron away when Peyton was put on the ventilator and having to see him and be so very strong for my little guy. I know that the Lord knew I would not been able to handle that again. Because of the skin that needed to come off there was a possiablity that Peyton would have to be back down in the PICU and have a treach put in and have it for 6 months to a year. That still might happen if the skin has closed up to much of his treachea. I really hope not. But we have the Best ENT in the midwest.
Again I am so very thankful for Dr Robison who has helped us from the beginning making sure we are getting the right treatment and the staff was doing a great job keeping me informed.
The boys are so very excited to have Peyton back home and to have Mommy once again. I can't believe we will be moving by the end of next month. Yes it has been a VERY long 10 months and I can't wait for it to be over. These last two months have been the longest, but it will soon be over.
Aaron graduates from FMTB on the 5th and than is off to Portsmouth, VA that same day. We are still house hunting and can't wait to find us a home. Kodi is set on getting another fish and dog. We know he will be getting a fish and not a dog, but soon enough he will find that one out.
Kingston is being a monster lately and trying to push every button of Tara's since she has been watching my boys. But he still love her and will mis her when we move.
I am hanging in and doing my best to keep everything together :)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Update On Peyton

This has been a scary and exciting week for us, the exciting part would be that Aaron was able to join us while Peyton is down at Children's, and of course the scary part would be having Peyton being on the ventilator and having all the tubes in him. I am very thankful for his little illness just to be RSV and nothing more.
I have come to relay on what the Lord and his comfort while I was at Children's watching over my little one. I have to believe that it's how the Lord feels as he watches over us when we are in a time of need. Feeling scared for his little ones and uneasy as we make our mistakes. I am grateful for knowing the Lord has a plan for us.
The boys have enjoyed having Daddy home and being able to see and play with him. It's going to be very hard on all of us when Aaron flies back tomorrow. I keep praying the flight will be canceled with the huge storm that is hitting the east coast and we can having a couple more days with him and he stay until Peyton is off the ventilator. We are thinking maybe Monday that would happen. I would like to having Aaron still be with us until than, for my peace of mind. Seeing your little one with tubes and lines going into his little body is have hard and stressful on you. I don't do much of anything while I am sitting next to his bed, but hold him little hand or leg and when we get home at night I am so very tried I go right to sleep.
Yesterday was the first time the Kodi expressed any feeling of us going down to see Peyton, it's going to be very hard on him tomorrow when Aaron is not here. I am not looking forward to having to deal with Peyton and Kodi melting down. I am praying the Lord will bless all of us to be able to make it until Peyton comes home.
Peyton is making progress, his laps are doing much better, the CO2 levels are in the normal range and his pH level is normal as well. The x-rays are showing the RSV is starting to go away and clear up, his lungs are sounds a 100 times better and is coughing a lot which is very good.
Thank you for all your prayers we have felt them, and Peyton is getting better.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Peyton and RSV

Peyton has given Mommy and Daddy a run for our money and a lot of worrying. He has RSV and was admitted to Children's on Friday afternoon. Our Peds called me Friday morning tellming me that she had been up worrying about us and wanted me to bring him to the ER and tell them she wanted him admitted so they could watch him, the first night wasn't bad and he was doing ok, the problem they were concerned with was he was pulling very hard when he was breathing so he was put on O2 and really didn't do much better all day, well that night was a very bad night for us. They put him on a different type of O2 where it is more forced into his lungs. He was on breathing treatments every 2 hours and it wasn't getting better. Needless to say I wasnt' getting any sleep either since the Dr and Resident were in our room every 1.5 to 2 hours. It was a stressfull night.
I was keeping Aaron informed while he was training and once they decided to send him down to the PICU, I received a call from Aaron telling me I needed to call the Red Cross and tell them I needed him home. So that is what I did and he came home Sunday night.
If I would have known how bad little Peyton was going to get I would have call the Red Cross right away on Friday, but I didn't.
When we got down to the PICU I saw the Dr and he wanted to put Peyton on a Ventilator and his as a central line in his neck. It was one the hardest days on my life, but with the Lord and his help I was able to be ok and be a support for Peyton. Life and my stress level has gotten much better since Aaron is home.
We spend the mornings with the boys and than head back down to the hospital in the afternoon and stay util bed time. He as a nurse 24 7 and they are wonderful. We also have a wonderful member of the church who works and he is making sure they are doin all they can for us. I am so grateful for him and what he is doing for us.
We don't know how long Peyton will be in the Ventilator or how long he will be at childrens.