Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday a day of Rest or so I am told

We woke up early since it's daylight saves, and having a great morning when Kodi said he had to throw up now when he usually just coughs and spits into the toilet and all is well, but not today. So now we are dealing with a sick little boy. Finally understanding that he can't go to church or school tomorrow which is sad since they are going to a farm tomorrow and he will miss that.
Yesterday was a long day and it seemed that it was a never ending day. I was cleaning the living room and picking up toys when the boys decided to just undo everything I was doing. Aaron had gone on a scouting camping trip so that morning it was all me.
Friday night myself and the boys went to a 31 purse party where Kodi had a meltdown, not because it was time to go, but because some friends were trying to help and he just wanted me. So friday night ended on a not so good foot. I was actually very proud of him for I had told him in the kitchen that we needed to go and that he needed to make the right choice and not melt down. I just need to remind my friends that when I need help with my kids I Will let them know.

Friday, November 5, 2010

A Week in Review

So it's been a while since I lasted posted, the seasons are changing which means in our house hold colds and more colds. So by the time it's bed time I am tired and just go to bed with the boys. Lately the boys have been up way to late and bed time is all off.

Kingston has a rash and I don't know what it's from so time to make a Doctor's appt to see what it is. Peyton has the cold and is crabby plus teeth coming in. All he does is cry all day and he wants me to hold him. I can say that my arms are getting stronger from all the holding I do.
Kodi is doing pretty good, we are seeing less meltdowns but when he has one it's a big one. He is doing great in karate still a white belt but he has three strips I am not sure how many strips until he has a belt test but he loves going each week.
This week my Grandma Alex had a stroke and I think she is getting out today, she is a wonderful women I just wish I would have taken the time when I was out in Idaho to actually spend more time with her and learn my history. Kingston doesn't look like he is 2 1/2 he looks like a 4 year old he is so very tall, and I have found that he is our family clown, he loves to make things funny. Aaron bent over to pick something up and Kingston came running up and wiped his nose on Aaron's butt and laughed "Daddy boggers on your butt" silly boy. He also got a drink of water and was walking passed me and looked at me looked at his water and laughed "don't even think about it KK" I told him. Just a silly kid, and I love him for that.
Peyton is starting to climb the starts which means we are in trouble. He was trying to get the bat cave from Kingston so I told Kingston to take the toy upstairs and play in the landing so he did and Peyton tried to follow him got up the first step and smiled with pride. He is getting big as well and we keep a close watch on his colds to make sure he is breathing good.
I am now the Primary President and it's a lot of work and time spent on my knees asking for guidance and help. I love my primary kids and I want them to have the same love for the gospel as I do.
We are going to the DC temple at the end of the month for the youth temple trip, I am so excited for my boys to see the temple and for them to see us using the temple and doing the work.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Kodi's story

Please check this blog it's about sensory processing disorder and kodi's story is number 13.

Kodi also has his own blog that I update on how he is doing that is

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

more pics

some pictures

Friday, October 1, 2010

Rain and more Rain

I have never really seen much of flooding but the past 5 days all we have seen is rain, and it's not like a small amount of rain, but down pouring almost all day yesterday. Streets are closed and schools for some was delayed at least 2 hours. Totally crazy we went to the commisary yesterday and when we went in it was clear and no rain by the time we came out it was down pouring, now that down pours last about 30 or more minutes so I was not about to wait it out, so we ran I was soaked it looked like I was just steped out of the shower with clothes on, it was crazy. The boys loved it KK said "it was awesome Mommy".
We have had a pretty good day so far we had friends over this morning and played and had a great time making the swing room a total mess with the peas we use for a sensory box they were all over the room and I just finished cleaning them up, it seemed that as I would clean KK would just pour more out or Peyton would wake up.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

WOW a long time since last post

Life is sure going by fast for us, it just seems like yesterday that Peyton was going to be born and now he is 9 months old I can't believe my little baby is that old. He is crawling all around and loves to crawl over to the steps and stand and pump his little fat leg to try and crawl up the steps. We are going to be in so much trouble once he is able to do that. Time to gate the stairs.
We have been teaching the boys about money and how it just doesn't grow on trees so if Kodi doesn't have a "issue" during the day he get a quarter at family prayer and KK gets a penny for not issueing as well.
They also get to earn money during the day for cleaning up and doing things that I ask them to. It works most of the time, but Aaron and I are tired of hearing I want this, so if Kodi doesn't have enough money than he can't get it. Last night he bought two quarter toys at Pizza Hut and loved that he was able to do that.
KK is being KK just a stinker who doesn't want to learn to potty train at all so that is a no go I was doing more laundry and clean up than just dealing with the dirty diaper. He still to be a cowboy and wear his cowboy boots all over.
We are finally getting into a routinue and life is getting easier.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Home again

I am sad to say that we are home :( we had a wonderful time in Minnesota and loved every minute. We had hoped that Katy would have Baby Shane while we were home and we all would get the chance to hold and met him, but he decided he wanted to join the Solko family Friday afternoon, and I got the call Friday morning that Katy's water had broken and she was off to the hospital.
We got the message at 3:32 that he was born and both mom and baby where doing great. Kodi was so very cute he was looking at baby Shane's picture and shouted "I am so Happy" it was so cute I love when we are able to see the pure joy on his face. KK was happy as well "baby Shane baby Shane" he was yelling. Of course we had to tell them to keep it down but we all were very happy.
Peyton is doing great and is happy, he has his two top teeth coming in and is crawling all over we are no longer safe. He is getting faster and faster with crawling and the boys are learning to keep their toys out of his way. Now when he cries we don't hear any strider at all which is great. I am just praying we stay that way until the end of February.
I was able to see my childhood best friend when we were at home and it was go great to see her. We were always together and I love that we found each other again.
Kodi is doing pretty good with his SPD we did great today in church it was our first practise for our primary program which is on the 19th if this month. I was very happy with how well Kodi listened and did what he was told and did not jump up and down on the chairs. After the two hours of being in the chapel and church was over I had to met with the other primary teachers and the presidency so Aaron and the boys went walking around the church Kodi was bear walking and doing what he needed to do in order to get what input he needed. Than the rest of our day was great, Kodi played on the computer he loves PBS kids and he works in his "homework" as he puts it. KK took a nap with Aaron and Peyton. All in all a great Sunday.

Saturday, August 28, 2010


The whole reason we are here in Minnesota was for Peyton to have his dilation, which was yesterday morning. We started our day up at 5 and off to the hospital by 6 checked in and the waited began. The phone finally rang and we headed down to the 1st floor to wait some more for the doctors to come in and explain what was happening and for us to sign off on the surgery. Peyton left us around 7:15 and we headed to the waiting room surgery started according the board around 7:32 by 8 Doctor Tibser was coming to find us. What he found was great, the airway was opened about a quarter more than what he did last time and so he went ahead and stretched it more, and because he is doing great he up the next surgery out anywhere between 4 to 6 months away. Now with that we will be heading into croup season which affects right where they have been stretching and that can do damage on it's own which for him it would not be good. So far he has been very good in VA and we have had no trips to children's I am praying we keep it that way. Peyton is doing great today and is happy and loving his family here.
Today is the birthday party for Kodi and the twins so that will be fun. So it's off to get presents and things for the party.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

10 years later and three boys

Today I made the very best decision I have ever made, I married Aaron, my bestfriend. We have had our ups and downs, time away from one another while he was in training for his job. Three wonderful boys a handful of moves and more to come. But I would not change anything.
We finally made it back home to MN on Tuesday and we love being here, the boys fell right back into their old routines and love playing with their cousins and family.
Last night my parents took our boys and we were able to just hang out and did a great job being without use.
now we are off to the mall of america for some birthday fun!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Boy are we in trouble

We now have three boys so move around the house, yes that is right Peyton is now crawling. He is so very funny about it, he loves to do downward dog and than he crawls. He is very good at crawling backwards. Today he was so focused on getting the plant in the corner at church and he made it. Than I put him back and the crawled under the bench.
He just smiles and is happy, he also have 5 teeth coming in. The two front teeth are right there, we can see them and he is drooling so much, I have to put a bib on him so his chest doesn't get cold from all the drool.
Kingston is doing great he loves going to nursery today we let Kodi take KK to class and he walked right in and asked the teacher if he could help set up. No crying or anything such a big boy.
Kodi had a huge melt down before church and we were late but once it was over he was ready and he is fine. I had asked from other parents for some help with his meltdowns and one parent said they use the yoga pose lion face and it work for now, the boys loved making that face when they are mad at each other and Kodi is pretty good at it.
We have been praying for him to help him and us when he is melting down.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Going home

Going home, that is right it's time once again for Peyton to have his stretching for his breathing which will be done on Friday morning. We should only be at children's for the morning and than we are good to go. I can't wait for us to be home for a little bit. The boys are looking forward to the visit as well.
We Will be driving for two days, and than be home for a couple we will be going to the state fair :) I can't wait for that. We will be celebrating Kodi's and the twins birthday as well. Just a big fun time and I am hoping that Katy's has her baby while we are home. I would love to be able to hold him.
We are still having Kodi tested for speech here, but we will not be putting him in kindergarten, I will be doing pre-k for him. He is just not ready, we have been having many meltdowns because he is stressed about school and scared. So I told him not this year will he be going to school and he is ok with it.
Kingston is doing great testing our limits but that is ok, both boys love having the swings up in the house and love swinging on them. Kingston is getting so very big he just won't stop growing he is a tall 2 year old. Loves doing everything his older brother does, Kodi is not to happy with that but that is the way it goes in our family.
Peyton is growing and getting bigger, he will have surgery this Friday and I am sure he will do just fine. He is cutting 5 teeth right now so we have a runny nose and is crabby but that is what come with cutting teeth. He is almost crawling so very close up on all 4 and gets around. He is able to push his self back to the sitting position after being on his belly and laughs and will reach out to us when he wants to be held.
My boys are growing up way to fast and I wish I could keep them little a bit longer. But I love every minute of being a Mom with them.

Monday, August 2, 2010









Sunday, August 1, 2010

Happy BIrthday Dakota!

I can't believe that it's been 5 years since I became a mom. My little boy is 5, he has grown so much during his time on this earth. I remember that day we brought him home, first time parents not knowing what we were doing, each day was a lesson for us to learn and it still is.
During the past 5 years we have added two other children and Kodi is a wonderful big brother. He loves his little brothers so very much. He has grown up so much and the leaps he has made with this speech is amazing. I remember when we came home from his 3 year old check up talking about how we would be getting him tested and I asked Aaron to give Dakota a blessing and in his blessing it talked about Dakota being able to ready for school and I see that blessing coming true. We are so very blessed to have the priesthood in our home and to have the gospel.
Thank you Dakota for choosing me to be your mom, I am very honored to have you for my son. Thank you for the past 5 years they have been a wonderful. I love you son.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Happy Birthday

It's Birthday Month for us, my birthday was yesterday Kodi's birthday is on the 1st and Aaron's is on the 26th. We are so very excited to celebrate Kodi's 5th birthday. We are still getting settled in for the most part things are put away and have places. Now if I just could keep things clean all the time that would be great. It seems once I get an area clean the boys have messed it up and I have to start all over again.
We finally got a washer and dryer it only took 3 weeks but we finally got one. I love it, being able to do my laundry all day and when I want to. Aaron has switched to nights which has it ups and downs. The plus part is that we are or should be sleeping while he is at work, but that he comes home around 7:20 and goes to bed while we are up and the kids are awake. So far they have been good for him to sleep, but he does wear ear plugs. For me it's hard because we would tag team each other at night with the boys and now it's just me getting up and getting no sleep and I can't sleep when he gets home because he needs to sleep. We have 8 weeks of this. :)
Aaron did talk to his HM2 about getting to another floor or clinic in the hospital with different hours so we are praying he gets something else. When he is working the the morning 12 hours by 4 pm the boys are done with me and our live because crazy, they don't want to listen they fight and it's horrible.
We still have not found a school for Kodi we are told that because he will be 5 we have to put him in kindergarten and pre-k is not an option. We continue to say but he is not ready for Kindergarten and they just don't listen or care. I put a call into the principal and I am waiting to hear back from her so we can go and meet with her.
Happy Birthday to my Boys!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New Blog

Hey everyone I have started a new blog and it's all about Kodi and his sensory progressing Disorder it's called A day in the Life of Kodi
We are now getting settled in and loving our house. The exciting news is that we finally got a washer and dryer only took 3 weeks but we got home. I love it, thank you craigslist. We are trying to keep the house clean and picked up which most of the time it works. I need some advice on how to get my kids to pick up. So I want to hear what you call have to say.
Peyton went to the Doctor yesterday for his 6 month check up which we are late one, but at least we did it.
He is in the 75% for height 95% for weight, he is growing and doing great. Yesterday the boys decided to paint and it turned into a full body painting experience. Yes that is right I couldn't believe it. At first I wanted to yell and get mad but I took a step back and thought and did it really matter it was washable paint so I let it go. They had a blast it was fun to watch and into the bath they went. All in all it was a good day yesterday.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Our New Home :)

Yes you read the post correct, we are finally in a home. We did not buy the house in Suffolk, but instead went with Lincoln Military housing which put us in a wonderful new home. It was built last year and it's huge. We have a four bedroom home with 2 1/2 bath. We loved having a lot of space, the boys are able to play all over and not in just one room. We are also able to let Kodi have his fits and not worry about bothering others like we did in the hotel.
We have one room that is called the THINKING ROOM, where the boys are able to take a time out in when they are not listening. The room will soon have a swing up for them to swing and having some better input as they are screaming at us. Right now Kodi will take the little four drawer plastic bookcase and throw the toys out and get his anger out that way instead of trying to hurt me. Which I look at it as a good thing, we have tried blowing up balloons for him to pop, that worked for a little bit, I have tried bubble wrap for him to pop, so lets pray that this one works. I am thinking about putting some toys that won't hurt if I do get one thrown at me like soft blocks or stuff animals right now it has cars and some of their "guys" they play with.

As for getting Kodi's his speech and OT we are just waiting to hear back from children's if I don't hear by this afternoon than I am going to call and see what is up. We also have an appointment with a neurologist for the Boys they will be actually tested for SPD and we will see if we can finally get Kodi and Kingston the help they need. We have started to see some of the same actions and fits that Kodi has with Kingston, but other ones what Kodi doesn't have at all. So we are going to get him tested as well. Kingston will also be tested for speech I can understand him just fine since I speech KK, but others have a hard time understanding him.

We had decided to send Kodi to another year of pre-school, but as I feared the school system is not very good in Portsmouth actually it SUCKS. We have been trying to find out where he would be going for pre-k and Aaron talked to the Special ED director who said he was to old for the DAC center and that he would go the Mt Hermon so we called Mt Hermon and she said no he would go to the DAC center and since he is trying 5 he will be going to Kindergarten. Did she not understand that we were not sending to Kindergarten until he is 6 because he is so behind which is why we wanted to wait another year for school. But she really didn't want to talk to him on the phone and was not helpful at all. We have been looking at a private school for Kodi some of the nurses Aaron works with have their kids in this school and I believe it's the answer to our prayers for Kodi and his school.
Its called Chesapeake Bay Academy it is a small school about 150 kids but they all have learning disables. We have heard very good reviews and we are excited to go and meet with the director on Monday. If he does go to that school he will be gone all day and than I would only have to monster here with me.

Peyton is doing great, no sickness or problems breathing. He is HUGE we will be going in for his 6 month check (which one again we are late on) next week. I am sure he is like 25 lbs, in order for me to carry him around I have to put him in the baby carrier which I don't mind because I love wearing my boys. He too has loved being able to just get on the floor and roll, he is starting to rock back and forth while he is up on his hands and almost his knees. He is very good at rolling if he seeing something he wants to just rolls until he gets there. It's pretty funny to watch.

As for me I am good, this past week I was able to find a very good friend of mine on facebook. She was my childhood best friend and I am so blessed to have found her once more. I am still unpacking while trying to keep the house clean. I am made a goal to be a less "yelling" mom and try and be a loving but firm mom. I am always telling Aaron that we need to stop yelling be quite why should they be quite when we are yelling at them. Hello

That is about it since we have moved here I will upload some pictures of the house very soon.

Friday, June 11, 2010

The nightmare continues

I am not sure if we will ever buy a home after our experiance with this house. We there were informed yesterday that we will be going to a mediator and if that doesn't work than the seller is going to sue us for not buying the house.
We have seen a JAG officer and a real estate lawyer as well as help from our friends and Family, we all can't believe it has gotten to this point. I will be submitting a formal complaint against our realtor for not doing his job. If we would have known the ins and outs of the contract and what the law said we would have never listened to our realtor.
Life would be much easier if people were honest. But the fact is that people are not and we are dealing with that right now. Hotel living is not that bad, the boys love swimming every day in the pool and just being with dad. Our days a super long when Aaron is working since he works 12 hour days and there is much for us to do downtown. I don't mind walking around and seeing what we can see and do down here. Yesterday we went down the pier and walked around watched them get ready for the some festival that is happening this weekend.
Life was not suppose to have gone this way for us but I am trying to keep a positive outlook and remember that the Lord knows what is going on and I have to keep my faith in him and know he is looking out for us. We will have learned some king of lesson after this and when I figure that out I will let all of you know. Until than I am doing my best and trying to keep our boys from not killing each other in the hotel room. I have to say way to much TV watch is happening as we speech and many meltdowns are happening because of that.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Virgina our new home

Well I have to say that I do miss blogging, but with Aaron taking the laptop I did not have the time with three boys to wait for our desktop to load so I am just now getting to some updates.
First Peyton is doing great, his last surgery went very well, we were ready to spend the night and the Doc said we only needed to stay for 4 hours. That news made me very happy, for we were not beind admitted to the childrens just a short stay. The rooms are not as nice as the regular hospital.
We finally said good bye to our life in Minnesota and are now back together as a family. The drive was long but the boys did great. We were suppose to buy a house in Suffolk, but when we went to the final walk through we found our living room to be smelling very moldy. Of course the sellers agent was like no way there is no mold. Let me tell you folks I know what mold smells like I am allgeric to it and I was not a happy camper that night. Plus with all of Peyton's breathing problems I don't want to put him in that house. Needless to say we are stay at a hotel on base. We have told our agent we don't want the house and we are not going to sign, but they needed to get a mold inspector to look at the house and than we are suppose to go back on Friday and see the house. We have already made up our minds that the house is a no go. But we will go and the boys and I will stay in the car. Not only was I having sinus headaches all three boys coughed all night and had runny noses.
Aaron still loves what he is doing and loves that his family is here. Now if only we can find a place to live that would be great. Anywhere in the Norfolk area would be great :) We had purchased our fridge, washer and dryer on Monday since Lowes was having a great sale and now we have return them. I am a little sad about that for the washer and dryer was awesome, but is how it goes.
That is about it for us now. Aaron has tomorrow and the weekend off and than next week is his long week I hope we can find a place to live by monday. Hotel life with three boys is hard.

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Here is our last trip to Childrens. Peyton was admitted on Tuesday night for breathing troubles. I was really hoping we were not going to stay but when his O2 Levels started to drop after he got his 3 neb treatments that was a guarantee stay. I was not sure how that would affect this surgery that was schedule for Friday. We first saw the ENT team Thursday morning since they had already been on rounds Wednesday and they did not make it up to see us. The two Docs we said no way for him to have this dialation, but as the day went on he was making wonderful progress. That night Dr Scott talked to our nurse for an update and she told him how well he was doing on his breathing treatments and he said they were going to keep him on the schedule for Friday. Friday morning came and we saw his ENT team Dr Sidman thought that Peyton was having the trouble from his stenosis and that we needed to do the surgery later that day.
I am so very grateful for our team of Docs, and the knowledge they have. He was right, once they were finished and were back in our room it was Night from Day with Peyton and his breathing. He had stopped retracking, no more rapid breathing, doing great.
Doctor Tibesar was very pleased with how he was able to mold the airway and they are hopping that with the next bronchoscopy we won't have to do a dialation, which is in about 6 or 8 weeks away. After that he will see Peyton in the office and release so we can move. Yes finally we will be moving to Portsmouth Va.
Thank you to everyone who has been praying for our family. We can feel the blessing from all of you.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Yes we are finally home :) It's been a very long 3 weeks for us. Peyton is doing great. For those who don't know. Peyton was kept in the hospital for an extra week because of some damage done to his treachea while he was on the ventilator. So we had to wait for the little dead skin to fall off and the ENT wanted to make sure we were in a "safe" place when that happened.
I am so very grateful for all of you who were praying for us. The prayers truely did work, Peyton was suppose to be still in the hospital this week, but it was a miracle in my book that the skin fell off and he was not in any distress at all. I don't know if I would have been able to handle it.
It was bad enough to have Aaron away when Peyton was put on the ventilator and having to see him and be so very strong for my little guy. I know that the Lord knew I would not been able to handle that again. Because of the skin that needed to come off there was a possiablity that Peyton would have to be back down in the PICU and have a treach put in and have it for 6 months to a year. That still might happen if the skin has closed up to much of his treachea. I really hope not. But we have the Best ENT in the midwest.
Again I am so very thankful for Dr Robison who has helped us from the beginning making sure we are getting the right treatment and the staff was doing a great job keeping me informed.
The boys are so very excited to have Peyton back home and to have Mommy once again. I can't believe we will be moving by the end of next month. Yes it has been a VERY long 10 months and I can't wait for it to be over. These last two months have been the longest, but it will soon be over.
Aaron graduates from FMTB on the 5th and than is off to Portsmouth, VA that same day. We are still house hunting and can't wait to find us a home. Kodi is set on getting another fish and dog. We know he will be getting a fish and not a dog, but soon enough he will find that one out.
Kingston is being a monster lately and trying to push every button of Tara's since she has been watching my boys. But he still love her and will mis her when we move.
I am hanging in and doing my best to keep everything together :)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Update On Peyton

This has been a scary and exciting week for us, the exciting part would be that Aaron was able to join us while Peyton is down at Children's, and of course the scary part would be having Peyton being on the ventilator and having all the tubes in him. I am very thankful for his little illness just to be RSV and nothing more.
I have come to relay on what the Lord and his comfort while I was at Children's watching over my little one. I have to believe that it's how the Lord feels as he watches over us when we are in a time of need. Feeling scared for his little ones and uneasy as we make our mistakes. I am grateful for knowing the Lord has a plan for us.
The boys have enjoyed having Daddy home and being able to see and play with him. It's going to be very hard on all of us when Aaron flies back tomorrow. I keep praying the flight will be canceled with the huge storm that is hitting the east coast and we can having a couple more days with him and he stay until Peyton is off the ventilator. We are thinking maybe Monday that would happen. I would like to having Aaron still be with us until than, for my peace of mind. Seeing your little one with tubes and lines going into his little body is have hard and stressful on you. I don't do much of anything while I am sitting next to his bed, but hold him little hand or leg and when we get home at night I am so very tried I go right to sleep.
Yesterday was the first time the Kodi expressed any feeling of us going down to see Peyton, it's going to be very hard on him tomorrow when Aaron is not here. I am not looking forward to having to deal with Peyton and Kodi melting down. I am praying the Lord will bless all of us to be able to make it until Peyton comes home.
Peyton is making progress, his laps are doing much better, the CO2 levels are in the normal range and his pH level is normal as well. The x-rays are showing the RSV is starting to go away and clear up, his lungs are sounds a 100 times better and is coughing a lot which is very good.
Thank you for all your prayers we have felt them, and Peyton is getting better.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Peyton and RSV

Peyton has given Mommy and Daddy a run for our money and a lot of worrying. He has RSV and was admitted to Children's on Friday afternoon. Our Peds called me Friday morning tellming me that she had been up worrying about us and wanted me to bring him to the ER and tell them she wanted him admitted so they could watch him, the first night wasn't bad and he was doing ok, the problem they were concerned with was he was pulling very hard when he was breathing so he was put on O2 and really didn't do much better all day, well that night was a very bad night for us. They put him on a different type of O2 where it is more forced into his lungs. He was on breathing treatments every 2 hours and it wasn't getting better. Needless to say I wasnt' getting any sleep either since the Dr and Resident were in our room every 1.5 to 2 hours. It was a stressfull night.
I was keeping Aaron informed while he was training and once they decided to send him down to the PICU, I received a call from Aaron telling me I needed to call the Red Cross and tell them I needed him home. So that is what I did and he came home Sunday night.
If I would have known how bad little Peyton was going to get I would have call the Red Cross right away on Friday, but I didn't.
When we got down to the PICU I saw the Dr and he wanted to put Peyton on a Ventilator and his as a central line in his neck. It was one the hardest days on my life, but with the Lord and his help I was able to be ok and be a support for Peyton. Life and my stress level has gotten much better since Aaron is home.
We spend the mornings with the boys and than head back down to the hospital in the afternoon and stay util bed time. He as a nurse 24 7 and they are wonderful. We also have a wonderful member of the church who works and he is making sure they are doin all they can for us. I am so grateful for him and what he is doing for us.
We don't know how long Peyton will be in the Ventilator or how long he will be at childrens.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Kodi at Inara's Party wearing a princess crown

Sonita at the party


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Some pictures

Here are some pictures I finally found the camera. Today I weighted Petyon and I couldn't believe that he is 9lbs, he is just growing so very fast, he is starting to get the "baby rolls".

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Mommy Brain

I had thought that with two boys and being pregnant that my Mommy Brain couldn't get any worse, well I was so very wrong. I can't remember anything to save my life. I was talking to Kodi's OT today about which CD was the next one for us to start, and by the time his sessions was over (which is only 50 minutes) I couldn't remember.
Before Peyton was born I was writing everything down and keeping track of things that way, but even now I can't remember to write anything down. I put our camera up high so Kingston wouldn't be able to reach it and now I have no idea where it went. I was going to try my best at night to get a picture during the day of the boys or at least Peyton so Aaron can see how big he is getting while he is at training and well it's not working so well.
All the boys are doing wonderful, I actually got some sleep last night which I am so very thankful for. Kingston only woke up once last night at the same time Kodi was going to the bathroom so the three of us snuggled in Kingston's bed and they both went back to sleep. Some time during the night Kodi went back to his bed, but it was nice not having to get up and go to another bed.
Kodi is doing so very well being back in school and having his routine down again. I Love it. I dont' know what we are going to do when we move and we will not have a school for him to go to. I have started to talk to his therapists on how to help him out the most with the move, we talk daily about moving and how life will be different and at time he is ok with it and other times he cries and tells me he doesn't want to move. I feel the same way I don't want to leave my family and friends, but at the sametime our family needs to be together. The Lord will bless us and will help Kodi with the move.

Monday, January 4, 2010

8 weeks that is all we have left

It doesn't seem real to me that we are at the last leg of our training and being away from Aaron, but we have 8 weeks left. Aaron checked into FMTB and is not looking forward to this training one bit, for a couple of reasons. Of course being away from us is his biggest reason, he was not happy about being away from us this time. For me having him leave last time was the hardest, but I think with Peyton being here and Aaron not being able to be around his three wonderful little boys is very hard for him.

Speaking of Peyton, he is a wonderful little boy. He has already grown so very much in the past three weeks. He looks more like a new born and not this very small little baby. He is actually fitting into his newborn clothes, and LOVES to eat. I would say Peyton is probably 7 lbs maybe 8 lbs.

Kingston is having the hardest time with Peyton being here in our family. I try very hard to make sure I give him one on one time with Mommy. While Aaron was home Kingston would say Daddy take Peyton. But now that Aaron is gone it's just me again, I was able to just have some good one on one time tonight while I was putting him to bed, we read stories and just snuggled before he went to sleep.

Kodi loves Peyton, and is a very proud big brother. He talks to everyone at school about his new little brother Peyton, and loves to be a help when ever he can. I am so very blessed to have such a wonderful helper.