Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday a day of Rest or so I am told

We woke up early since it's daylight saves, and having a great morning when Kodi said he had to throw up now when he usually just coughs and spits into the toilet and all is well, but not today. So now we are dealing with a sick little boy. Finally understanding that he can't go to church or school tomorrow which is sad since they are going to a farm tomorrow and he will miss that.
Yesterday was a long day and it seemed that it was a never ending day. I was cleaning the living room and picking up toys when the boys decided to just undo everything I was doing. Aaron had gone on a scouting camping trip so that morning it was all me.
Friday night myself and the boys went to a 31 purse party where Kodi had a meltdown, not because it was time to go, but because some friends were trying to help and he just wanted me. So friday night ended on a not so good foot. I was actually very proud of him for I had told him in the kitchen that we needed to go and that he needed to make the right choice and not melt down. I just need to remind my friends that when I need help with my kids I Will let them know.