Sunday, May 31, 2009

26 Days and Counting

I have to say that Satan was working on me today. I woke up with the boys pretty early, and was not ready for the day to start. Thankfully my Mom came and got the kids for me, so I could sleep a little bit longer.

They all went on a walk and she brought Kingston back to go down for a nap before church. Dakota than decided he did not want to wear his church clothes and won't get dressed. After about and hour of him just doing nothing I had enough of his not listening. I was ready to go and Kingston was still sleeping but Kodi was making ever noise he could to wake up KK.

That was just the beginning of Kodi melting down. We finally got ready and left for Church we were about 15 minutes late and the parking lot was full. Not fun we finally just pulled up next the curb and got out. We ended up sitting out on the couch and Kodi said he was behave so I let him go and sit with everyone else. Well that did not happen, Scott ended up bring him back out for be Kodi thought it would be a good idea to play the drums with his colored pencils. So they were taken away.

I ended up putting him in a room next to the bishops office until Sacrement was over and he thankfully went to primary.

I was off to the nursery, which we have a very small group of kids. Kingston is the youngest of them and I want to say we have 2 boys who are 2. Only 1 girl in the bunch. It was nice to be able to let Kingston just play and not run after him. This calling will serve me well. I can't wait.

We than came home and had Katy, Haleigh and Inara over, all three kids played very well until Inara and Kodi decided they wanted more cookies. Which we told them no. Well Inara listened, but Kodi ran away from Katy. He really melted down this time.

I am not sure what do with him when he is just melts down. I finally just ignored him and continued to put him back in his room, until he was done scream and throwing at fit. I have tried everything to help him understand that throwing a fit is not ok. I take his toys away, put him in time out.

I have decided to take this matter up with the Lord and pray on it to figure out how I can best help him. I know having Aaron gone is very hard on him and he doesn't know why he is mad at Daddy for leaving him. I tell him that Daddy is coming back and we will see him soon.

It seems that one Sunday a Month Satan just hits me hard and I don't want to even try and make it to church. Which is when I need it the most.

I have a goal for the next week, and it's to pray with the kids every morning and night, read one verse of scriptures with them, they already watch the Living Scriptures during lunch, and to read my scriptures daily. I know that will bless our family so much.

I can't believe we are almost down to 1 month to see Aaron, the boys miss their Daddy so very much as do I, the difference is that I understand why he is gone and I know he will return. I tell the boys every day that Daddy loves them and we will be together again soon. Which is the most I can do.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Day 25

Yet another good day for us. Kingston decided he needed to be up at 6:15 this morning, (he is killing me with getting up so early) he than yelled for Grandma to come and get him "Momma, Momma" that is what he calls her.
"Kingston stop that Grandma is sleeping"
He found some toys to play with and I turned on Playhouse Disney for him to watch. He loved that. Grandma came and got him around 7:45ish, he was so happy to see her. Kodi was awake as well, so much for sleeping in.

We had all the grandchildren here this morning except for Haleigh, The kids played pretty good all together. It was nice enough to send them all outside, Pa pushed Inara and Kodi on the swings while Kingston and Xander rode the Harley around the yard.

It was finally time for them to leave and we came in and took a little nap, actually Kingston did and Kodi and I watched Transformers The Movie. Which was good. I like the movie better than his cartoons.

We went grocery shopping with Grandma and Inara later and than headed over to Katy's house. It was good to see her and Haleigh and play with them.

We had homemade pizza which the kids loved, and than later some ice cream. Both boys were out before we made it to the Mall which is not far from her house, I would say less than two minutes away.

What a fun day it was. We are heading into the 4th week Aaron has been in bootcamp, Half way done. It has gone fast for us, and soon enough we will be moving to a new place. It's hard to think about it now but before I know it the summer will be gone, the kids will be starting school, this time away from Aaron will have pasted.

I can't wait!

Friday, May 29, 2009

More pictures Summer Fun

We got a call from Daddy on Day 24

Yes that is right we were able to talk to Aaron today. It was so very good for the boys to hear from him. Kodi was very happy to have talked to him, and tell him what he was doing at that moment. Kingston just listened to what Aaron was telling him. Of course when all was said and done, Kingston than said "HI"

He told me he is good, misses all of us but is good. He is able to attend church and really is happy he is able to. That little blessing of going to church helps him so much. He is shotting ofr July 2 for his graduation date. Than he will be reporting to his "A" school right away and than he will get his "liberty" after he reports in. He gets Liberty from July 2 to July 6. We are very excited to be able to see him for 4 days. I can't wait.

The boys had another good day, we went to park days and it was just us at the park. Kingston had fallen alseep on the way there so Haleigh and Kodi just played while I stayed in the car watching them and being with KK.

We than headed back home for some lunch and than over to Tara's house where the kids played out in the back in the water. They had a fun day and Kingston was so very tired, as well as Kodi.

Both are now sleeping and it's all good.

Day 23

We had a pretty good day. Kodi had a wonderful day at school. He did much better with the Sub than last time, he walked in and started talking to her, and said good bye to us.

Kingston and I than headed over to Target to get some things, I tried to waste as much time as I could but my shopping didn't last the whole 1 1/2 that Kodi was in class, so I started back in the car and Kingston fell asleep, so I just want in the parking lot until Kodi was done.

But that time it was pretty nice outside, so I called Tara to see what they were up to and found out that Xander had an ear infection, so I offered to take Inara and let Xander rest.

The two had a great time playing and going in the sprinker. It was a blast Kingston even was out in the sprinker. He would bend over and get the cold water right in the fast run away and go back for more. Silly litle boy, he loved it so much. I want to say they played in the sprinker for a good hour or more. Than it was time for Inara to go home.

Once we got back home I started to clean up and make dinner. During the process I got a very bad headache and it was making me sick so I told Kodi I needed to go and lay down. Both boys just played in our room and where very good for me until my Mom came back from the temple. By than the advil had started to work. I hate when I get those headaches.

The boys went down for me pretty good last night, Kingston must be hitting a growth spurt all he wants to do is eat. He will be 15 months on June 1st which is totally crazy to me, time has flown by.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Day 21/22

Yesterday our busy day of the week. We get up and go to Speech class have an 1 1/2 hour break than take Kodi to TTP. My tuesdays aways go very fast.

Once we got back home I started on some laundry and tried to put Kingston down for a nap, but he just won't go down. Needless to say he was crabby.

Kodi was watching a movie and I notice that at 6 last night he was asleep. He did not want to get up and eat dinner.

He woke up an hour later needing to go to the bathroom. And of course he was not happy and wake. Grandma had told him she was going to the soup resturant and going to bring some soup home for dinner, but Pa and I wanted Pizza instead Kodi was so upset. So he and I went to get some soup and the resturant was closed. More heart breaking for him.

We came and and he settled for some pizza. Kingston and decided he wanted to wake up and both kids were up until 11. I was tried and just wanted them to go to sleep. Finally they both were out and so was I. Needless to say I did not post last night.

Today we are going to go and get my ID and finish the laundry. So much fun, we have had a good day so far. It's a little cold outside. I am going to try and get the kids outside, but not sure how that will go with them.

Kingston is already wanted to play with them and climb over everything in the house.

Yesterday at TTP they Megan and Sara reported Kodi had a great session. Which was great, he is doing so well. I am so very grateful for them and all the work they both have been doing with Kodi.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Day 20

We again played hard outside today. We headed over to Tara's house around noon and spent the afternoon with them. The kids played outside, and had a great time. We than came home for dinner and Kodi and Haleigh played together.

Kodi really loves Haleigh so very much. I am not sure what the two of them will do when they won't be able to play and see each other.

Kingston wants to be a big kid so bad. He was eatting his lunch in a highchair and when he was all done and down he found a stool and bought it over to one of the Island chairs and tried to get on the chair. All he wanted to do is sit like the big kids and eat like them.

Kodi did not have too much of a problem with going to bed tonight. He stilled asked for TV but I did not give in, he just did not want to sleep at all. Finally he came and snugged me and was out less than two minutes later. Now if only I can get him to do that around 8 that would be great.

We are hoping to hear from Daddy this week. Since no mail went out the letter will be later than usually. But at leaat it's news.

Kingston talked to Uncle Adam tonight before bed and when it was time to be done, he was very upset you could see how much he really missed Adam. I was telling him it was ok and I asked him if he missed Daddy like that and he looked up at me and nodded and cried even harder. That is the first time he has shown me how much he misses his Daddy.


Inara with Scott

Dakota with Scott
Inara pushing Kingston

Inara and Kodi


Kingston "Cheese"

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Day 19

It started off as a pretty good day, Kodi was very excited to wear his new pants to church to show Xander. He had to run to the bathroom so I went to help him do his pants up and he started to get upset at me because I was not using the button. Well the button was a decoration on the pants since the hook was a slip one. He did not like it one bit.

So we ended up being late to church and talking about how we act and how we need to listen to Mommy. He was sent to time out on his bed, and Bubble Bee and two movies were taken away. He was not happy one bit.

I can't seem to find a good way to help him understand when he is making wrong choices. I was talking to another Mom at Therapy and she was telling me how she takes away toys. So I have started to do that. He gets a 1,2,3 and if he is not doing what he should be than I take one of his transformers away.

He really doesn't like it but I think he will figure it out. At least I hope he will. I keep the toy for a whole day.

I also started tonight No more movies at bedtime. We talked about it all day, that he was going to read books, brush his teeth and than go to bed. So that is what we did. He started to ask about his transformers movie and I simple told him they were taken away this morning because he was not listening and he could get them back tomorrow. And that we are not going to be watching anymore movies, Kodi really did not like that.

I asked if he wanted a Bobo and Lala story (Bobo is what Inara called Xander and Lala is Inara) so I told him one about Bobo and Lala going to help out the Transformers. He really liked that. He settled down rightway. Let me put some TLC on him and was sleeping soon after that.

One day down of no movies a couple more to go.

Kingston was a monster today, Sunday is the worst day for him. He usually only gets a 45 minute nap and than is crabby for the rest of the day. He wants to be sleeps at 5 but I won't let him. So by 6:30 he was out for the night. He is still sleeping and will be:)

I was called into the nursery today. I am actually excited about it, since right now I spend second and third hour walking the halls. Kingston like to be very loud and wants to run around. Usually Aaron will get Kingston to sleep for those two hours, but for me he just wants to play and run.

So this way I will be able to let him play, run and be loud all he wants. He is a little young for nursery since he will only be 15 months but that is ok. He will enjoy playing with all the kids.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Day 18

It was another great day to play outside. Kodi helped Pa plant more plants in the garden while I was putting Kingston down for a nap. It was pretty funny to listen to.
"Pa this hole for water?"
"No kodi that one"
"This one"
"No the other one"
It went on like that for most of the time. I also could hear Kodi filling up the bucket of water for the plants. When I came outside Kodi's socks were not a dark gray, and his shoes all dirty. I told Kodi we would just put them in the washer. He seemed pretty ok with it.

Kingston finally got up and came outside with us. He rode the Harley again, and I am so thankful he as not figured out the power boost button. I have to jog to keep up with him and make sure he doesn't hit anything. But he sure does loves riding the Harley. It was than Kodi's turn and he chased Kingston in a circle with the Harley both boys just laughed and laughed.

We also headed to Target and than back home for dinner. Tara came over tonight to print off her RS lesson for tomorrow, Kodi was very happy to see her and Leo. She told Kodi they were heading to Target and Kodi wanted to go. So off we went again down to Target. Some days I think maybe I should just live at Target.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Day 17

We had a great day to start off the weekend. We started our day off with buying some flowers for the front yard garden. Kodi and Kingston had a blast helping out. Kodi poured the water in the holes for the flowers and evern helped me plant a few. Kingston just wanted to walk all over the flowers in the garden,silly little boy.

That took all morning from buying the plants to finish picking up and putting away the tools. We than came in for lunch and rested a little bit. We than headed to the lake to let the kids try to Kayak. Scott has one and he is going to be taking it out on Monday. The boys loved it. Xander was pretty good at it. Kodi and Inara just rode in the Kayak with Scott. They than just played in the cool wamer. It was not as hot as the past couple of day but it was still a great day to be outside. ( I do have pictures but the camera is in the car and i don't want to go and get it)
Kingston was very upset with me since I did not let him go in the Lake. The Doc told us if he was in the Lake we needed to make sure his ears stayed out of the water or we would have to put some drops in, plus I did not want to get wet. The water was to cold for me.

Dakota got pretty far walking out in the Lake and a current started to take him away, Xander pulled him back in and we than told Kodi he had to stay closer to the beach. He was very happy and proud that Xander "saved him" Scott was Kayaking towards Kodi was he floated out into Lake Minnetonka. I did not have to many worries about Kodi.

Kingston finally figured it out that I was not going to let him in the water and gave up. He ended up playing the rocks by the swings. I didn't mind that, but he continue to try and eat the rocks, I guess he was pretty hungry to do that.

We than headed over to our good Friend Dave to clean his house and have dinner, by the time I was done cleaning, we decided not to go out for dinner. Kingston decided he wanted a Hot Dog for dinner. Dave very nicely went to DQ and bought us burgers and kodi his hot dog. We are so very blessed to have such a wonderful friend as Dave. I am truly grateful his friendship.

We are now sitting at home, Kingston is still have a hard with bed time. I just simple hold his little leg and let his be upset with me since I don't let him get down to play. It takes about 5 minutes for him to figure out I am not giving up and he gives and will come and nurse to sleep.

Kodi wanted to watch the Disney Movie which was Spy Kids 3 before bed and he did. He is almost asleep. He only have three more days of school which I can't believe. I am not sure how much long he will be at TTP (the therapy place) but he does really enjoy seeing them.

It was a day of sun and fun I am beat and going to go and read Angels and Demons, it's pretty good, the first time I tried to read it I did not get into it, but it's different this time.

So good night to all!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Day 15/16

So last night as I was putting Kingston to sleep I fell asleep as well, he was not wanting to go down and finally went to sleep around 10ish. I was pretty tried myself. We had a great day the kids played and played outside in the 90 plus heat. I bought them some squirk guns and they had a blast.

You would have thought they would have crashed but of course neither one did. We heard from Aaron and he is doing good. Boot camp is better than what he was thinking. He has another member of the church in his division and they walk to the branch on base on sundays, which is a huge blessing for them.

Some of his shipmates don't keep their mouths shut when they should, but other than that he is good.

Kodi loved hearing from his Daddy, he was upset after we read the letter and wanted Daddy to come home. I had to show him when we would be able to drive down and see Aaron. We cant' wait.

Today was a great day, Kodi went to school just fine. When we walkedin the classroom Jane had th room set up as an airplane. Which I thought was pretty cool. He came home with a little paper suit case with his stuff in it.
He just loves, but he won't let me take any pictures of it. Silly boy. We when went to come garage sales, we did not find anything but had a good time looking. Kodi had been telling me that his ear was hurting so I took him in, and of course both ears looked great. But the dr gave him so drops anyway.

Kingston was a trooper for sitting the car for so long. He started to to fall asleep around 4 and I won't let him go to sleep. I did not want a repeat of last night. Pa came home and both boys were very excited to see him. They would not let him out of their sites. Kingston followed Pa around the house and Kodi keep saying "Pa I tell you something"

Tomorrow is a busy day for us we are going to be planting the plants in the garden, we don't have any of them . Which means we will be out buying them. Kodi can't wait, he is very excited to be able to help Pa in the garden.

I will take some pictures of the boys tomorrow gardening, it should be a fun time for us.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Day 14

I am not sure how hot it actually got here, but the one bank sign said it was 96 degrees today. All I know is that it was hot. Very, very hot outside.

We had school and than speech to keep us busy, plus we had to run back home after Therapy and open the house for Sir to look at the fridge. It was making a funny noise before we left and he was checking it out for Pa since he is still away on business. Of course when we came back the noise had stopped. But it was very nice of his to come.

Kodi did a great job at Therapy he listened to me and went right back to change and than did all this work like he was suppose to. He has been working on Colors with Sara and Megan today they worked on the color blue. So for the next week we will pointing out everything that is blue. He is also working on shapes and how to draw them. When he draws circles he does go around,and around and doesn't stop.

So we work alot on that with his drawings. He loves to draw and paint, just like his dad.

We spent a good part of the day outside. We ended back at Tara's house we let the kids play outside, Scott brought out their little pirate ship pool with a slide and than the baby pool. Of course Kingston was all about the big kid pool istead of his pool. He was soaking wet and loving it. He went down the slide a couple of time. His little legs were turning red from the cold water, but he didnt' care at all.

It was a good and fun day. After we left we headed to Target once again this time it was for Grandma and not us. She had to return somethings and bought Kodi some batteries for his hat with a light.

He as been a great little boy tonight, so has Kingston. Thankfully Kingston is sleeping, Kodi did not eat too much dinner so he is here with me eatting a bowl of cereal. If I would let him eat cereal he would for every meal. Right now his favorite cereal is King Vitamin. He is also very tired, you can see it in his little eyes.

I will be taking more pictures now since I found the charger :) I was happy about that today. We have two batteries but that does you no good when both of your batteries are dead.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Day 13

It was a great Monday say the least. He boys did great today, it was Haleigh's last day of preschool, which we both are sad over. I am not sure how I am going to keep all three of them going during the day, but I will find away.

We dropped Haleigh off at school and headed over to Tara's house for a little while, I was not planning on spend the afternoon with her since Xander had a friend coming home with him, but after a while Tara said not to worry about it Kodi would be fine to stay and play with Inara. Both of them were outside helping Scott with the burn some extra branches from the trees they cut down. Kodi was great at helping. Plus for a treat Kodi got to make a s'more for the first time. He loved it.

Kingston just watched the three of them throw the branches into the fire, didn't want to get close. Which was good. I ended up going to get Xander and when we got back to his house of the neighbor girls asked if the kids wanted to come over and have a sprinker party.

At first Inara didn't want to but than she was ready so both her and Kodi went outside. Kodi wasn't sure about the slip'n'slide, but once they brought out a different sprinker he was all for it. Kingston even was playing the in sprinker. He liked the slip'n'slide. He found the little pool of water at the end of the slide and it was just enough for him to sit and play in. He was soaking wet. He played for a good 30 minutes before he was done.

We left and came home around 5:30 the kids helped me see if I could put all three car seats in the Neon since my Durango has a leak in the AC and it is going to cost way to much to get it fixed. I am happy to report all three fit. :) I now can drive and have AC. Kodi did not like having the windows down and I die from the heat with the window up. So I told him tonight we are going to be taking Daddy's car for now on unless we need my car. He was ok with it.

Now I just have to put up the tint for the back windows I some blue window tint from Fischer Price. It will make it a little better for them.

I so far have not heard again from Aaron. I don't know when he will be getting our letters either. I did get the insurance information in the mail and I have to go down to Fort Snelling to get my ID done. I'm not sure where to go but Scott every nicely said he would go with me to get it done. I just love him so much. I am very lucky to have him in my family. He loves the boys so much and they love him back.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Day 12

What a good Sunday we had. I had no problems getting the kids ready for Church, which I totally loved. Xander was over and he had a blue button down so of course Dakota wanted to wear one as well, I couldn't find his purple shirt so he had to do with the red one he wore at Katy's wedding he didn't mind it at all I even talked him into wearing a vest. He looked so very cute.

Sacrement seemed to go on forever, but that was because Kingston did not want to listen and stay sitting down. So I ended up out in the halls with Tara and the twins. Of course the kids where not listening to Grandma so she came looking for us. We ended up with all of the kids out with us. Thankfully it was the end and it was time for class. Dakota is great at going to sunbeams. He loves it, Inara and he walk hand in hand to primary. Of course his class is one of the largest in primary and they are a little wild.

I don't ever had a problem with him going to class, I sometimes get a kiss and hug other times he just waves bye and is gone. I always go and check to make sure he has made it. Grandma does teach CTR 5's so she is in primary and I know that she makes sure the kids are where they need to be.

Kingston only slept for 45 minutes today and was a total bear this afternoon. I finally put him down at 6:30 and he was very happy to go to sleep. The kids have been playing outside since we got home from church. They came in for dinner and than back outside until Tara and Katy.

I love spring time, getting the kids outside and making sure they run and play. Which when they are all playing great together it's a great time.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Kingston is saying "Cheese"

Playing at the park

I'm Happy

super bowl sunday

I love Motorcycles!

Day 11

As you can see I found the cord! I am so very happy. We had a great day, I finished cleaning out the playroom and getting our room done. The kids had a sleep over with Grandma tonight, Dakota was very excited about it. We went down to Target with Grandma and she bought a toy for all the kids, for they were having a treasure hunt. Dakota picked out another Transformer. He was so very excited. I told him I was heading out while he played with the other cousins and had some special "Grandma time" he started to cry and didn't want me to go.

Of course once we got home and the rest of the kids came he was more then happy with me leaving. Kingston and I headed over to Tara's house and helped celebrate Sonita's Birthday. We had a great time. Kingston took a very short nap on the way over to Tara's house and than did not go back to school until we were heading home which was at 10. He just loved being able to play with what ever he wanted to. Meela was there as well, but she did not take any of his toys like Dakota and Inara do. Or try and boss him around. I think he thought he was in heaven.

I came home to see all four kids out in the living room sound asleep. Which was great, Dakota is on one of the couches and the other three on the floor sleeping with Grandma. Dakota likes to have his space. Which funny since he had been sleeping in our bed for three years. He now loves his "tunk bed" and his own space.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Day 10 WOW I can't believe it's been 10 days

It was a very good day for us here in Minnesota. The kids played outside almost all morning long. It was park day so we ended with Tara and her kids to the park and of course no one else showed up so we decided to change parks. The kids loved the park we picked. It's right by a water tower and they have been asking to play at the park.

We came home and I put Kingston down for his nap. Made a late lunch for the two kids and decided I was in need of a nap as well. Haleigh also informed me that she was tried, so I told her it was ok if she went to sleep. Kodi was on the only one who did not take a nap. He watching Robin Hood and didn't want to miss it.

We have started watching the living scriptures for our scripture time. The kids love it, I am able to than talk to the kids about the stories. So far they really like it.

After nap time we waited from Grandma to come home. I took some cereal outside and let the kids feed the birds Kingston just ate the food off the ground. Silly little boy, it didn't take long for Grandma to drive up. We decided to take the kids in the backyard since Kingston wanted to play in the road.

We ended up being outside until dinner time. Once the kids came in Kodi started to play with some blocks Grandma has to help him learn his colors. We have Yellow down and has been working on Red and Green at Therapy.

It was bath night for both boys. If my kids could live in the bath they would. Kingston took a good long bath and than started to eat the toys so I took him out. Kodi played in the bath tub until he was all wrinkly. When he plays in the tub we let him have shaving cream which he loves playing with. It's a great sensory tool for him. Of course he tried to shave like daddy. I told him to use one of the foam letters for the razor and he thought it was the best idea.

I was working on cleaning out our room and finding a place for everything, I heard a little soft voice "Mommy, mommy" it was Kodi calling for me.
I walked into the bathroom and he was standing on the bath mat "I need you mommy"
It was pretty cute.

He got ready for bed ate some gold fish and watched some of his Transfomers and was out like a light. He has only slept in my bed twice since we have been here. He loves his bed and would rather sleep in his "Tunk Bed"

Kingston on the other hand did not want to go down for bed. We ended up turning off all the lights and Grandma taking him, which of course once he saw she was going to bed he wanted mommy.

He is now sleeping but it took a little bit. He just doesn't want to miss anything.

I did get my room pretty much cleaned out and things put away. I have three HUGE baskets full of dirty clothes. I guess that is what I am working all next week. Fun for me.
I also have been putting all of Aaron's clothes in a suit case to make more room for me in the closet.
My next project is to clean up the playroom and get our garage sale ready for next week.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Day 9

Yes it's Thursday which means my crazy week is almost done, WAIT I get to do it all over again next week. Haleigh has preschool Monday - Wednesday and I drop her off.
Kodi has speech Tuesday and Thursday morning, and than we have private speech lesson along with this Occupational Therapy Tuesday afternoon.
I am usually running around those three days. Kingston spends most of his naps in the car which means he doesn't get a very good one. So when it come to Thursday my week is winding down.

Kodi had a very hard time this morning when he learned his Speech Teacher Jane was sick and he had a sub. He hid outside of the door and won't go in his classroom. I gave him a hug and told him I loved him and handed him over to the room helper Linda who is the same helper he always has.

He finally stopped crying about three mintues after I left. I waited to see what he was doing while he was crying " I want my mommy" he was sitting in Linda's lap just crying. I did feel bad since Aaron is gone, but I did not want to make it worse for him by going back in the classroom.

He welcomed me with open arms when I picked him up.

He was pretty happy when we got home Pa was home and he was excited to see him. We had BBQ for lunch and Kodi played outside. He asked Pa to bring out Harley for him to ride. Of course Pa did that and let Kodi ride it around. Well in the mean time Kingston woke up from his nap and my Mom brought him outside.

Kingston thought the Harley was pretty cool I put him on it to sit and he found the foot pedal. He nows knows how to ride the little Harley. It's pretty funny to watch him. He loves to go backwords. He gets a huge smile on his face.

I will post the little movie clip of it when I find the camera cord.

We had a good night, the boys are sleeping and Dakota is back in his bed.

I did get a little message from Aaron today. It was good to hear from him. He is good misses us, he is hoping to graducate July 3rd. I am praying that he passes all the tests and that we will see him 4th of July weekend.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Day 8 I am very grateful

We finally are able to send Aaron mail, I sent off 5 letters this morning and will continue to send him mail. Kodi loves to draw or color a picture for daddy.

It was a fairly ok day for us. It started off on the wrong side of happiness but once the afternoon hit and I got some meds I was doing better. I woke up this morning at 5 with a huge headache, not sure if it was from walking on the trail last night or what but man did it hit hard. I decided to take a long HOT shower and let the heat just hit my sinuses. Which it worked, I was so very grateful for. I than was able to go back to sleep for just a little bit.

We took Haleigh to school and ended over to Tara's house for a little while, Kodi and Inara had a great time playing, and than my headache came back. So we left and headed to Target I got some meds and caffine, Which totally helped.

Kodi has been playing very good tonight. I have noticed that his listening has just gone down the tubes since Aaron left. He doesnt want to pick anything up or listen to what I am saying. I don't like that I have been having power struggles with him on putting his shoes away. Now everytime we go I have to talk to him about "Where his shoes go after we get home"
"I know Mommy" he tells me.

I have to continue to remember that my kids are little just for a short amount of time and that I am very lucky to be their Mother. I will have time for me and what I want to do when they are in school and gone. The Lord has granted me this wonderful time to be their Mom and to teach them and for them to teach me. I just love what President Monson said last Oct

"If you are still in the process of raising children, be aware that the tiny fingerprints that show up on almost every newly cleaned surface, the toys scattered about the house, the piles and piles of laundry to be tackled will disappear all too soon and that you will—to your surprise—miss them profoundly." Finding Joy in the Jounrey President Monson Conference Oct 2008

This is something that I rememebr when Kodi is not listening and I right now while I am parenting my children without their Father. It part of our jounry will come to an end all to soon. Will I have spent these 6 months getting made at the both of them or just take a step back and look at what they are doing and seeing if I should just laugh. My time with my two little sons are only a short amount of time in the plan.
I am so very grateful for them. I also have to remember that things don't always have to go the way I want them to, and that it will be ok.

Both my kids are a joy for me to be around. I love being their Mom and I continue to do my best while Aaron is away from us. You never realize how much you love your husband until they are gone. I am so very lucky to have married my best friend. He knows me so well. I am very proud to be his wife and to know that he is doing his very best to support our family.

Kodi loves to see all pictures of Aaron and gets a huge smile on his face, when he sees his Dad. He is busy playing with his transformers, as well as watching one of the movies.

KK is sleeping which is wonderful since he only took a 15 minute nap, little stinker.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

One week down 7 more to go

It's been one whole week since we said "good bye" to Aaron. Kingston and Kodi are still trying to figure out why Daddy is not here. Kodi says he is at Training and KK just knows Daddy is not here.
As kodi was going to bed tonight we looked at some family pictures Kodi had a very big smile when we saw Aaron's picture. At first he thought Aaron was online and wanted to know why Daddy wasn't talking back to him.LOL

Kodi had a wonderful day at school and at Therapy, he went right into school and was happy to be with his friends. He even had to say "good bye" to his bus driver. I think he misses riding the bus sometimes.

Once we got to Therapy and he was inside he was ready to go back and play. Both therapists said Kodi was great. Which was really good to hear. We have decided to go back and do another round of his music. Which means i have to get the storage unit to get out the rest of his CD's.

I was able to take a good walk this afternoon with the kids and my good friend Dave. We had a great time, even with the wind blowing us away.

I received a package this morning and I thought it was our stuff from Grandma and Papa, as I opened the box I was a little confused for it had Aaron's shoes and his pants, I than figured out that it was his stuff from bootcamp. He told me he was going to throw it away and not send it home, but I guess he was wrong. I just wish he would have put a little note in for us. :(

I also did get his address today. He has made it to boot camp just fine, I don't know how he is or anything. Kodi was excited to be able to send Daddy some mail, which i have about 4 or 5 letters to send him.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Day 6

It was a pretty good day for us. The boys slept in a little bit which was good, since they both decided at 3 am to be awake. So we didn't really get going until 10ish.
We took Haleigh to school and than headed over to the apartment building to turn in our keys! When we got there the Manager was on lunch so we walked back down the stairs and headed out to the park when Gina the Manager yelled at me from her apt to come up and she would let me turn in the keys. Which I thought was very nice for she had just started her lunch break.

We are now offically out of the apartment, now if only they can send me my deposit this week. I let Kodi play on the playground once last time. He loved it, and Kingston was pretty happy walking around and putting the little rocks in his mouth. Silly little boy.

I was ready to go and it we needed to get back home to pick up Haleigh. We got home and I decided that we should bike to Haleigh's school. Well that was easier said that done. I had never set up the bike trailer before so I had no idea what I was doing. Plus the all the tires needed to be filled. Needless to say we packed up in the car and went and got her.

Kodi was a little upset for not belign able to ride the bike, so I told him when we got home we could go on a bike ride. So I kept my promise as I was sitting in the front yard trying to figure out how to get the trailer on Tara drove up. She knew what she was doing with the trailer. We figured out I was missing a piece to conntect the trailer, we looked on my bike and it was on it. So I took it off, by this time it was time for her to head back home.
I packed up all three kids Yes that is right all three. KK is on the back of Aaron's bike in a seat, and I was pulling Haleigh and Kodi in the trailer. We headed out for a very short ride. We didn't make it that far but it was about a 15 minute ride. Which are me was enough, my legs where hurting so bad, but I did my work out for today! My goal is to be able to bike to Haleigh's school twice a week. Which I should be able to do.

We cleaned the playroom a little bit more tonight. Last time we needed up all in my bed. I have been noticing that Kodi is having more and more meltdowns with Aaron being gone. I decided it was time to bring out his music therapy again and start that. We did one 30 minute run today and he will continue it tomorrow. Which is good for he seeing this Therapists tomorrow. It seemed to work pretty well today.

I also am not going to be letting him watch his movies before bed gain. He was pretty good about not watching TV before bed, right before we moved. But for him it's a comfort thing, which I didn't mind, but he wasn't going to sleep until 10ish, which I did mind.

So tonight we played with this tools, and made some cool toys picked up and got ready for bed, than he and I read one book and I told him a Bobo and Lila story (it's a story about his cousins)
and he went to sleep.

I have two wonderful sleeping little boys next to me. I hope they sleep tonight. Tomorrow is our busy day, but only for a couple more weeks, than School will be out:)

Day 5 Mother's Day

So last night I did not get a chance to update the blog :( the boys were not having a good night. So it will be this morning that I post. I had a wonderful Mother's day, Aaron had some flowers sent on Saturday, He had the boys sign a card which I got.
We went to church and had a wonderful Sunday. I do miss his being at church with us, he usually takes Kingston for Second and Third Hour and gives me a break. But not anymore, I spent most of my time either in the Mother's room or walking the halls. Kingston decided that he wanted to sing during class and RS. I was not happy about that.
But he did finally take a nap which was good. Kodi went the sunbeams, he loves his class, and it's a huge sunbeam class he has 12 kids in his class and only one teacher. She is wonderful I just love her. I have sat in on his class during Sharing Time to help her out. She did have a helper but she just moved out of the ward. So it's just one teacher. Thankful he is not in Xander's class his class is a handful.
I am just thankful that he goes to class and I don't have to fit with him on it. Inara and Kodi walk hand in hand to primary and sit down together. Now only if he would just sit and stay in his chair that would great. That is a work in progress.
Haleigh gave a wonderful Talk yesterday on getting baptised, She can't wait to turn 8. I did get a movie of it but I still don't know where my camera cord is.
I started to clean out the playroom yesterday and put all the toys how I want them. It's not done by any means but it's getting there. My room is still a huge mess and I am sure it will be that way for some time. Just trying to go and find places for all of our things. We only have two rooms and not a lot of space. I am grateful for our two rooms, and for the help my parents are giving us while Aaron is gone.
Kodi told me he "misses Daddy big much" and you can sure tell. He melts down a lot more and a lot easier than before. I will ask for a Daddy Hug and Kodi gives me a great big huge. We are learning how to handle Daddy being gone. We are almost to one week down!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Day 4

Wow I can't believe that it's already the end of day 4. The week has been flying by, Kingston is still walking around the house calling out "bubba" he really misses daddy. Dakota does pretty good up until bed time than he melts down.
I finally got the apartment all cleaned, now all that is left is to turn in our keys which will happen on Monday.
The door bell rang this morning around 8:30 and Aaron had ordered me flowers for Mother's Day, I love him so much.
The boys just played with Grandma today, since I was busy cleaning. Kingston took a very long nap and still went to bed at 7:30. I hope that is what his schedule will be from now on. I would love for that little boy to sleep for 3 hours during the day and still go to bed around 7.
Dakota loves having a playroom again, he just plays and plays. So far he has watched his Transformers movie and take all the car and trucks and other motor cars we have and turned them into Autobots. It's fun to watch him grow and learn different things.
Haleigh was working on her talk for tomorrow and asked Dakota "When you are 8 are you going to get bapisted?"
"No Me go to training like Daddy?"
She was a little confused and Grandma had to explain that Dakota didn't really understand what she was asking him.
I am pretty tried after cleaning and than being with the kids and still not feeling 100%. I just pray that Kingston will sleep a little better tonight than last night. I am pretty sure his bottom teeth are coming in. He was crying out last night a couple of times, not wanting to nurse and than wanting to nurse.
That is about all we did for today.
I want to wish all you Mother's a very Happy Mother's Day tomorrow!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Day 3

It's been a crazy day for us, we were suppose to do Park Days but I woke up with a sore throat and my allegries are do bad. Which meant of course the boys would be at each other. We ended up going back to our apt and cleaning the rest of it. I have decided to have a garage sale and so I had a huge pile of things which was still in a corner of the living room. Tara very nice came with me to help me load my car as well as hers.
I got everything out and checked the dishwasher and found that Aaron had done the dished but when he was packing forget to check the dishwasher. I had some plates and kid cups. Silly Man, needles to say I was a little annoyed with him, but that can I do!
Tomorrow I have to go back and finish the apt, thankfully there is not a lot for me to do. The biggest time consuming part will be the carpet cleaning.
The boys have had been pretty good. KK was asleep by 6:30 tonight which means he will be awake pretty early, Kodi just went to bed a little bit ago.
Scott came over and took down their bunk beds in the playroom, so I was busy putting our things finally away. Kodi was very excited to have the playroom back and to be able to take out his toys. He played all night long in the playroom. I even wants to sleep in that room, "Me sleep on the floor?" he asked me
so tomorrow night I will put his mattress on the floor and see if he really sleeps in there or not. If he does than I will have to take down his bed and reput it up in his room. I would love for him to sleep in his own room, which is the playroom but he calls it his office.
I was putting my clothes and things away when he yelled out "Me go pee" which he says every time he goes to the bathroom. We are still working on buttoning his button and his pants but I was so far in my room of hangers and clothes that I couldn't get out. So I told him to go and aks Grandma to button his pants, which he did. I than heard Pa burp, "Cuse you piggy" he said to grandpa. It got a good laugh out of the two of them. Thanks to Aaron that is what Kodi says anytime someone burps.
As for me I am still not feeling the best, but that comes with my allergies. I missed Aaron a little bit more today, I am sure I will have good days and bad ones. Of course not feeling well and wish he was here to help out made my day drag on and on. So far I have not found the cord for the carmera, but I did find the recipt to walmart so I can go and return all of Aarons supplies he thought he would need to bootcamp! I am very happy about that.
I guess that is all for today. I hope tomorrow is alot better! At least I hope I am feeling better.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Day 2

Today was a wonderful day for us. The sun was out and it was nice and hot. Kodi went to Speech class as usual he had the "star bag" which means he put a special item in the bag and has to use his words to describe what is in the bag. Of course he had to had one of his Transformers in the bag. I didn't have to remind him to much this morning to get going once I reminded him about the "star bag" he got ready and had time to eat his cereal and milk, and we were off.
He loves school so very much. As we were walking to the car on the way out he saw Linda his helper and yelled" Lina I love you bye" he is such a loving little boy. He loves his teachers. He is very excited about learning his new words, and how to talk. He has made such leaps this past year. I am truly grateful for everyone who has helped him.
Kingston had a great day, he played and played all day. He did not want to stop and take a afternoon nap. I finally got him to stop going and he slept for about 2 hours, if I had not woken him up he probably would have slept a lot longer. He is a growing little boy. I was doing my 10 minute trainer tonight with Mom and Pa, and Kingston came over and started to stretch with us. It was pretty cute. I know why I don't workout with my kids around they won't leave me alone.
At the begining of the 10 minutes Kingston decided he was going to crawl under the TV tray in the corner and got stuck. Which I had to move the tray and Pa had to come and help me since one of his plants was using the TV tray. My Mom got a bowl with some KIXs in it for him to eat but thought it was better to dump them out on to my yoga mat and step on them. So I ended up holding him while I did the lower body. What a workout my legs and butt had.
He is now finally sleeping. Having Daddy gone is hard on both boys. Kingston has not wanted to go to sleep for the past three nights. I dont' know if that is because Aaron is gone or not. Dakota seems to be doing ok, just talks about Daddy a lot. Tonight I pushed Kingston Bunny that has Aaron saying "Kingston Daddy and Mommy Love you" he kissed it and hugged it. Kodi heard Aarons' voice and got his Doggy and did the same thing. He looked at me and said " Daddy loves me" Man that made me really miss him. I have been doing so very good about not thinking to much about Aaron being gone, but that just hit me pretty hard.
Both boys know that Aaron loves them. Dakota says our family morning prayer and we include Daddy and the rest of the family in our prayers.
I know I said I would post pictures but I have to find where Aaron put the cord for the carmera. So pictures will have to wait. I hope that tomorrow it doesn't rain for Park days have started and I want to go. We have so many good parks around here. I just love park days! I am not sure what will happen or what we will do. I suppose I could start to put things away and not live out of boxes! LOL I know my mom would like that.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Day 1 without Daddy

So we have started our new jounrey in life. Aaron was off to the hotel to stay the night and was up very early this morning to report to Meps(spelling I am not sure of) which he did some testing and than was off to the MSP airport to wait for his plane to Great Lakes Naval Base.
I have not heard from him yet to let me know he as arrived I am sure I will hear in a couple of days. According to the recuiter he gets one phone call to let us know he has arrived and that is it. Of course the boys already miss him. Kingston has been walking around the house yelling "bubba" Which he calls Aaron. He does say daddy, but "Bubba" is what he likes.
Kodi is being a wonderful big brother so far, he reminds Kingston that "daddy is away at training." Last week while we were in Colorado Aaron went to "Build a Bear" and let the boys pick out a stuffed animal and recored his voice letting the boys know he loves them. I played it for Kingston tonight and he got a very big smile on his face "bubba and gave the bunny a very big hug."
Both boys are battling some allergies which here in Minnesota it's the season already. Kodi at least will take some of the meds for his allergies. Kingston is still a little to young to give him anything. We are very grateful for my parents and letting us stay with them while Aaron is at Training.
For me the hardest part I keep telling myself is bootcamp. For I can't call him. But we will make it just fine.
I will post some pictures of the boys tomorrow night. I have a goal while Aaron is gone to post every day, with pictures and what we did that day.
The boys and I spent a lot of time in the car this morning. We went with Tara to pick up a water/sand table that she found on craigslist. Than we stopped at Target to picked up some grocerys, but spent the time eatting lunch and than walking around trying to figure out what we needed and the kids than had to use the bathroom of course it was after I asked them if they had to go. LOL
So I ended up not getting anything and taking Haleigh to preschool. Than we came home and it was nap time. Kingston took a good nap I got my work in during this two hour nap and Kodi rested as well. We than went to Tara's home for a little bit but our time was cut short since Kodi 's allergies where bothering him. I took him home and we ate here with Grandma and pa.
Now we are off to bed. At least that is what I am trying to do with kingston, but he is not wanting to, he has been playing with the toys under kodi's bunk bed instead. Little stinker.
Kodi is in bed being a good little boy for Mommy tonight. Which I am very thankful for. I say good night at all!