Saturday, May 23, 2009

Day 18

It was another great day to play outside. Kodi helped Pa plant more plants in the garden while I was putting Kingston down for a nap. It was pretty funny to listen to.
"Pa this hole for water?"
"No kodi that one"
"This one"
"No the other one"
It went on like that for most of the time. I also could hear Kodi filling up the bucket of water for the plants. When I came outside Kodi's socks were not a dark gray, and his shoes all dirty. I told Kodi we would just put them in the washer. He seemed pretty ok with it.

Kingston finally got up and came outside with us. He rode the Harley again, and I am so thankful he as not figured out the power boost button. I have to jog to keep up with him and make sure he doesn't hit anything. But he sure does loves riding the Harley. It was than Kodi's turn and he chased Kingston in a circle with the Harley both boys just laughed and laughed.

We also headed to Target and than back home for dinner. Tara came over tonight to print off her RS lesson for tomorrow, Kodi was very happy to see her and Leo. She told Kodi they were heading to Target and Kodi wanted to go. So off we went again down to Target. Some days I think maybe I should just live at Target.