Monday, May 18, 2009

Day 13

It was a great Monday say the least. He boys did great today, it was Haleigh's last day of preschool, which we both are sad over. I am not sure how I am going to keep all three of them going during the day, but I will find away.

We dropped Haleigh off at school and headed over to Tara's house for a little while, I was not planning on spend the afternoon with her since Xander had a friend coming home with him, but after a while Tara said not to worry about it Kodi would be fine to stay and play with Inara. Both of them were outside helping Scott with the burn some extra branches from the trees they cut down. Kodi was great at helping. Plus for a treat Kodi got to make a s'more for the first time. He loved it.

Kingston just watched the three of them throw the branches into the fire, didn't want to get close. Which was good. I ended up going to get Xander and when we got back to his house of the neighbor girls asked if the kids wanted to come over and have a sprinker party.

At first Inara didn't want to but than she was ready so both her and Kodi went outside. Kodi wasn't sure about the slip'n'slide, but once they brought out a different sprinker he was all for it. Kingston even was playing the in sprinker. He liked the slip'n'slide. He found the little pool of water at the end of the slide and it was just enough for him to sit and play in. He was soaking wet. He played for a good 30 minutes before he was done.

We left and came home around 5:30 the kids helped me see if I could put all three car seats in the Neon since my Durango has a leak in the AC and it is going to cost way to much to get it fixed. I am happy to report all three fit. :) I now can drive and have AC. Kodi did not like having the windows down and I die from the heat with the window up. So I told him tonight we are going to be taking Daddy's car for now on unless we need my car. He was ok with it.

Now I just have to put up the tint for the back windows I some blue window tint from Fischer Price. It will make it a little better for them.

I so far have not heard again from Aaron. I don't know when he will be getting our letters either. I did get the insurance information in the mail and I have to go down to Fort Snelling to get my ID done. I'm not sure where to go but Scott every nicely said he would go with me to get it done. I just love him so much. I am very lucky to have him in my family. He loves the boys so much and they love him back.


blondeviolin said...

DEERS (the ID) can take a while. It can be short and sweet, but be prepared for a possible long wait if there are a billion people ahead of you.

Glad Scott's willing to go with you to find it! You could do it alone, but it's nice to have the extra guiding hand.

I would doubt contact from Aaron will be very frequent at all. But you sound like you're coping. I hope the kids keep doing well with Daddy in training.

Mary said...

I got the information in the mail yesterday for DEERS, and we just have to figure out a time I can go down and get my ID Card.