Sunday, May 17, 2009

Day 12

What a good Sunday we had. I had no problems getting the kids ready for Church, which I totally loved. Xander was over and he had a blue button down so of course Dakota wanted to wear one as well, I couldn't find his purple shirt so he had to do with the red one he wore at Katy's wedding he didn't mind it at all I even talked him into wearing a vest. He looked so very cute.

Sacrement seemed to go on forever, but that was because Kingston did not want to listen and stay sitting down. So I ended up out in the halls with Tara and the twins. Of course the kids where not listening to Grandma so she came looking for us. We ended up with all of the kids out with us. Thankfully it was the end and it was time for class. Dakota is great at going to sunbeams. He loves it, Inara and he walk hand in hand to primary. Of course his class is one of the largest in primary and they are a little wild.

I don't ever had a problem with him going to class, I sometimes get a kiss and hug other times he just waves bye and is gone. I always go and check to make sure he has made it. Grandma does teach CTR 5's so she is in primary and I know that she makes sure the kids are where they need to be.

Kingston only slept for 45 minutes today and was a total bear this afternoon. I finally put him down at 6:30 and he was very happy to go to sleep. The kids have been playing outside since we got home from church. They came in for dinner and than back outside until Tara and Katy.

I love spring time, getting the kids outside and making sure they run and play. Which when they are all playing great together it's a great time.