Monday, May 25, 2009

Day 20

We again played hard outside today. We headed over to Tara's house around noon and spent the afternoon with them. The kids played outside, and had a great time. We than came home for dinner and Kodi and Haleigh played together.

Kodi really loves Haleigh so very much. I am not sure what the two of them will do when they won't be able to play and see each other.

Kingston wants to be a big kid so bad. He was eatting his lunch in a highchair and when he was all done and down he found a stool and bought it over to one of the Island chairs and tried to get on the chair. All he wanted to do is sit like the big kids and eat like them.

Kodi did not have too much of a problem with going to bed tonight. He stilled asked for TV but I did not give in, he just did not want to sleep at all. Finally he came and snugged me and was out less than two minutes later. Now if only I can get him to do that around 8 that would be great.

We are hoping to hear from Daddy this week. Since no mail went out the letter will be later than usually. But at leaat it's news.

Kingston talked to Uncle Adam tonight before bed and when it was time to be done, he was very upset you could see how much he really missed Adam. I was telling him it was ok and I asked him if he missed Daddy like that and he looked up at me and nodded and cried even harder. That is the first time he has shown me how much he misses his Daddy.