Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sunday Morning

Kodi is out of Nursery and is a Sunbeam, I was very afraid he would not havea good day and it would be a very hard transitions for him from nursery to primary, but it wasn't. He did so good. I think I was more afraid of him having an accident in his pants since we are now in Big Boy under pants than him having a fit.
The boys looked so cute in their matching sweaters Aaron had to get a picture of them.


This year we were able to have a little Christmas get away. Aaron had to work Christmas Morning so we decided to stay at the hotel. We had the whole Hotel to our family. So Christmas Eve we had my Dad along with Eli and Ashley and the rest of the sisters. We had a great time spending Christmas Eve with them.

Christmas morning we opened presents, played around with All of Kodi's toys. Which he loved. Santa brought him a fire truck he was so happy.
Later that Day my Family came over the hotel and we had christmas with them. We all have a great night, the Khans came over to spend the time with us and we played all night long. It was great to be able to spend Christmas with Aaron.