Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Winter is coming

It's starting to get cold out, which is a very big battle with putting our coats when going outside to the car. I should say down to the parking garage it's nice and warm, and Kodi doesn't understand why he should have to wear his coat. Needless to say we are learning to wear that coat.
Today at TTP, Meghan and Sarah are working on changes his clothes and wearing play clothes so Dakota can get messy and not worry about getting his clothers dirty. Which makes sense, but Dakota doesn't like to change, it took a little bit but we finally got him to put on his play pants over his jeans. Megan his OT said that doing a lot of deep pressure playing is great for Dakota and pushing into this works great as well.
Tuesday is grandma day and she came and got Dakota to go grocery shopping with her he loved it, they bought dinner for us and got KK some puffs to eat, he was so happy. He ate dinner and I thought maybe we could make some cookies which Megan also said was great a great thing for him to do. Of course he did help a little bit but mainly he wanted to eat the dough. So here I am still baking the cookies and the kids are sleeping.
I am so very grateful that we were able to find what Dakota needs. His therapy is great, he has made great progress, we are able to understand what he is talking about and I now know why he acts up. I just have to remember when he is jumping off the couch that his little body is looking for that sensory imput and that I need to find someway to give it to him and not have it be dangerous.
We will be starting a Therputic Listening program next week, I am very excited about it. He has done some music therapy before with them and I can't wait to see the changes and progress with it. His brushing has made a great difference in him and I know the music will do the same.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Happy Halloween

It took a little bit to understand what Halloween was for last year he was sick and didn't want to dress up so this year when I asked him what he wanted to be for Halloween he kept telling me thast he wanted to be Captain Hook so we went to the Disney Store get it. Well of course once we got it he carried it around and showed everyone it, but when it came right down to wearing it he did not want to get in it.

I even took him over to katy's house to see if he would change into it, which we got the pants on and then he started to put the coat on and did not like the way it felt on his skin so off it came and he won't try it again. I guess that is what happens when your son has sensory issues. (which I have to keep in mind when he is being very trying) so he decided that he wanted to Handy Manny which he has two sets of tools we have gotten him. He put on some jeans and a polo shirt along with a hat and was Handy Manny for the ward party.

I than took him over to target that next day and got him a Handy Manny outfit and he loved it. He even wore it to bed. It was nice enough on Halloween that all Kodi had to wear was a "zip" sweatshirt.

I also bough KK a dragon outfit I thought it said 24 months which would have fit him but it was up to 9 months and kingston had passed the weight and length on it. So he wasn't that. Which waes ok since he stayed in with daddy and grandpa to help pass out candy.

By the third house Kodi had figured out what to do. He loved it, it was so much fun to watch him run up to the houses and knock on the door and he was able to say "treat - or - treat". I am so very proud of him and the process that he is making with his speech.

Pictures of the kids

So Aaron took some picturesw of all 4 kids when they were outside playing. It was great fun to watch them work so hard in getting all the leaves to a big pile, I thought Aaron was being nice and trying to help Pa with the leaves but he wasn't he wanted to make a really big leaf pile for the kids to jump in.

They had a blast! Kingston even got in the leaves. We really enjoyed fall and now winter is coming. We have already had some snow and the kids have already been out playing in the snow. They loved it. I can't wait for winter and how much fun they will have.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Katy and Adam's Wedding

We have a new member of our family. Katy and Adam are now married, yes they finally tied the knot. I was the maid of honor, which was great, I got to get a pretty dress and get my hair done. I was very happy and honored she picked me.
They were married in a very nice park in Wisconsin. We got up this morning and left the house and drove for about 3.5 hours and finally made it to the hotel, we were all running late and it was nice that Katy did not have a schedule to keep. We got ready and made it to park while Adam's Dad was taking pictures. We had to wait for Tara and her family (for my mom gave them the wrong directions from the hotel, they ended up driving an half hour out of their way) while we waitied for them we got pictures taken.
Finally they showed up and the wedding started. The ceremony lasted about 15 mintues they wrote their own vows and it was great! Katy was so beatiful, and so very happy.
I have to say I love Adam so much and I am very happy they found each other.
I will up load pictures when we get home :)
We are all tried for we came back and let the kids swim until they were tried, now they are sleeping and I hope that KK will sleep all night long like he did last night :0 I was so very happy that he slept all night.