Monday, March 2, 2009

More pictures of Kingston

1 month old

2 months old

1 year old

11 months or 12 months
12 months old

Happy Birthday Kingston

Kids eatting Cake and Ice Cream

Kingstons wanting his Mickey Cake!

The Mickey Cake Aaron Made

Opening presents Kingston is in the back right of the picture playing with a box!

Yes, that is right, it's Kingston is a year old. I cant hardly believe it myself. This year has flown by. He is a joy to our little family and is always bringing a smile to our faces. The boys love each other so much, at night they love to snuggle close together and each boy will look for one another in his own sleep.
Kingston is starting to take a couple of steps here and there. Still climbing on everything, he now has four teeth with two more on the top coming in. He is able to say Dadda, and Mamma, waves Hi and Good bye. Gives kisses and will pat your back when you are holding him. His 1 year old check up is next week, I will repost what we learn from Dr. Green.

We had a great little birthday party for him yesterday with some family and friends, who have kids his age. We had a wonderful time with them!