Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Good News

I am very happy to say that Peyton is cleared from his ENT and has a clean bill of health from him:) That makes us very happy, now the catch 22 is that if he gets croup that puts him back to see the ENT but right now he is great! We have schedule his surgery with the urologist for Wed morning and than we should be go to go.

Today was the last day of school for Kodi, next week is spring break and than the week after that we will leave. I didn't see the point of paying a whole month worth of tution for 3 days. Kodi was happy to know that it was his last day for that meant daddy is coming soon to get us, and he is so ready for daddy to come and take us home.
KK is being KK and having a trouble listening to me. I don't know if it's because he is three or if he just doesn't want to listen to me at all. either way it drives me crazy.
It was a very slow day at home and we did n't do much of anything. I did get to workout and train some more for my up coming runs which I love. The boys love going to the club and playing in childcare, which is always great for me. I hate working out and wondering if they are going to be coming to get me because Peyton is crying. But he cried for just a little bit and than was playing as I walked by to get my things out of the lockers when I was done.
Peyton has become a climber and won't leave his feet on the ground which means we are in trouble.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Another day

Yes it's Monday and another start to a week. The boys are still at times driving me crazy, but that is my life. I was happy to hear back from the lady from the Department of Education in Virginia I have been emailing her about how we can get Kodi into a different public school. They have some laws about Military and schools and I wanted to know what she knew and if she could help us out. She was out of the office today but I did receive and email this morning from her asking for my phone number so she could call and talk to me. Let's pray it's good news and we can figure something out.

No word yet on when Peyton will be having surgery again for his little man parts, his
testicles have not dropped and we need to get that fixed. Poor kid he just can't seem to win. KK is still on meds for his ears, we go and see Tibsear next week for his ears to be checked again. I think this is the 4th ear infection for him and they get pretty bad. I caught this one a little earlier than usually which is great.
We are starting to count down the days until we are back with Aaron next Friday is when he flies in and than sometime that week we will leave to go back home. It will be a bitter sweet leave. We have had a great time there and very grateful for being here.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Great weekend

It has been a wonderful weekend for us, Friday night we spent at the Hawks house while I watched all the kids. My two favorite girls came over to see us, we love Emilie and Ali, it was great to spend time with them and the kids.

Saturday we went to the children's museum and played and plays for about 4 hours. All the kids did great. We had a total of 9 kids and 4 adults, it was busy but not to bad. We spent a lot of time at the Legos exhibit which was a lot of fun, they played and played with the legos.
We than went into the Woods exhibit that one the kids would have spent the whole day in. They loved seeing and touching the turtle I think if I would have let KK he would have spent the whole day looking and touching the two turtles they had out. In the room there is an ant hill the kids can play and run under the hill through tunnels and slides. It was a blast for them Peyton even got down and ran around.
We than stopped for lunch, ate a little bit and headed back into another room. It was the little city the twins had a great time in the grocery store and Peyton played in the mail room, the big kids ran around and did the rock star room, drove the bus. We left the water room to the end, of course it was a huge hit. Peyton loved playing in the water as well as Leo and Max. There are 4 tables they can play in, and than a bubble table.
All I can say was it was a blast and all the kids had a wonderful time. Kodi did not meltdown and did a great job with all the people around.
Today was a good day at church, I was able to listen in RS which I don't ever get to do. I only have two more Sundays until we are back in our ward and back in Primary. We than came home and the boys have been great. A little tired for yesterday but it was all good today. I got all of them in bed and sleep by 8:30 tonight. Only two more weeks until we see Aaron and than go back home.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Doctors and more Doctors

We finally saw Dr Tibesar yesterday for Peyton's check up it's been about 1 1/2 months since we had the surgery and he is thinking that was the last one! Yesterday was the best check up, he said that is the best sounding he has every heard Peyton, we are so happy to hear this. Of course with croup that will always set us back, but so far he hasn't had any croup and we hope that we won't.

We know where to find Dr Tibesar if we need him again. We are so very grateful for him and how well he worked on our son and how well he took care of him.
Now we just have to make the appointment for his surgery for his little man problem and we will than set to leave in April. We have the OK by Tibesar and just need the OK from his Pulmonolgist and we will be good to go.
We are still looking for a good school for Kodi to attend this fall, Virginia doesn't have open enrollment, so if you are zoned for a bad school than you have no choice to get your kid into another great public school. Have I said how much I HATE Virginia. Education is a huge part of life and I want all my children to succeed in what they do. They need to have the best education I can give them. Homeschool is not an option for Kodi, with his speech-language he needs to be around other children. Plus he and I just don't mix like that. I would love to homeschool him, but we have a hard enough time getting through the day at times, I don't know how I would get him to do school work.
Kingston is pushing all my buttons, being 3 and not listening has landed him in a lot of time to think and be away from everyone else. Let me tell you doesn't like it but he needs to learn, what we are telling him is not to be mean but to help him and keep him safe. My mom keeps telling me I was just like him. I guess that is only fair that I got a kid just like me.
We have a fun filled night ahead so a quite day at home, I am watching Tara's kids while they go out, so I hope KK and the twins will play nicely. Our time here is coming to an end, I am sad and yet I am glad to go back home. I miss my best friend and my own space.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Once again we have snow

Last night as I was driving back from Target the rain was turning into ice and than when we woke up we had a very nice fresh looking blanket of snow. Of course the roads were awful and Kodi cough wasn't getting any better so like a good Mommy I try to be I got him an appointment this morning, thankfully he doesn't have anything and he cough is clearing what is in his chest :) I really don't need anymore sick kids.
So we braved the roads and made it back home and I had the boys just rest until I was time to get Kodi to school. This time the roads were a little better and we wasted no time in playing in the snow. Kk was coughing so hard he wanted puked "Mommy I need to puke outside" so I took him out of his carseat and let him try to puke in the snow. Thankfully he didn't, but we got back in the car and off to school.
I am so very thankful more and more companies are coming out with natural ways of putting coloring into foods. Kodi is not suppose to have Red or Yellow dyes and so he doesn't get the fun treats, but as we were looking for snacks I saw that the colored Goldfish are now use all natural ingredients for coloring the fish! He as so very happy, we also found some popsilces that use natural ingredients another plus for us. The sad part for Kodi is that he loves Orange soda and that has both in so I just have to remind him that we don't get those dyes because they are so very bad for us.
Peyton is being Peyton climbing and everything and getting into everything. He is back in the yellow zone for his Asthma and I am back to nebbing him 3 to 4 times a day. I am grateful because he really does a great job of using the neb and doesn't fuss to much.
I am finally getting more sleep, Kodi is back in his bed and I am able to sleep much better. I am gearing up again for the Cinco de Mayo run and I can't wait. I had so much fun training and running the 7k. I was very proud of my family for all of us running it. I can't wait to do more, Kodi and KK are very excited about their race they will be doing at Disney. Kodi is all about training and exercising for it.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Staying well

I am not sure if my family will ever be well, it seems that we get over something and we catch something new. This time the whole family has a awful cough, that keeps us up at night. Peyton is wheezing but that is because of his Asthma, and now I took KK in for his ears. He told me that he had ants in his ears and ladybugs. He has been pulling on them and didn't say much if they were hurting, but I thought might as well. Sure enough he has double ear infections and the Doc heard KK cough and checked out his lungs and he has broncitis. Thankfully he goes to see the ENT in the next couple of weeks to recheck his hearing and his tubes. He sure is keeping me on my toes he is 3 and doesn't let me forget that.
Petyon on the other hand is in store for another surgery, his testicles have not come down and so we saw the Urogoloist yes in fact this is a problem for Peyton. So we will be having the surgery after he see's his other Doctors just to make sure they don't want to do any other dialations on his airway and if they do than we will do all the surgeries together.
I really love Children's and their wonderful doctors.
Kodi is doing great did a great job at school and his teachers are sad that we are going back to VA at the end of April.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Some Updating

I didn't check the last time I updated my posting so I was sitting here watching the boys play outside and thought I might as well update. Things in Minnesota are great, we had to move up Peyton's surgery from the end of Feburary to the Beginning of Feburary, the surgery went well and we go back on thursday to see what the Doc thinks and how many more if any he will have to have. We are also finding out that Peyton has Asthma which is one reason why we couldn't get him to stop wheezing, we are now getting that under control.
Kingston turned 3 while we are home and he loved his pool party and playing with his cousins. He is a typical 3 year old boy, who believes he is right and doesn't want to listen to anything I say. Thankfully I can call Aaron to help me and back me up on what I am telling Kk. He is so very happy, we are also getting his ear check again for hearing since he is so very loud again and didn't pass his hearing test on his check up. I have to say we love our ENT so very much.
Kodi is in school and loves being back in Teach Gail's class, he went the first day we got here and I was told it was like he never left. Which was great, we have had some meltdowns but for the most part he is doing great. We also have him working with a friend who tutors kids who have Dyslexia and he does a great job with her. As for therapy our insurance won't cover The Therapy Place and we weren't able to get into the clinic that accepts our insurance so he is taking 2 months off.
We are doing Oils for Kodi and I found some good Omega 3 he will take and keeping him off the red dyes.
I just ran my first 7k and loved it. We are now getting ready for other 5k's when we get back home. I love it so very much it was a blast and felt so very good when I crossed the finish line.
We are going to DisneyWorld at the end of Sept for the Halloween 5k and than Aaron and I are doing a relay for the half marathon. Yes that is right I can't wait. We are starting to train now and the boys are even going to be running a little race for kids while we are down at Disney.