Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Staying well

I am not sure if my family will ever be well, it seems that we get over something and we catch something new. This time the whole family has a awful cough, that keeps us up at night. Peyton is wheezing but that is because of his Asthma, and now I took KK in for his ears. He told me that he had ants in his ears and ladybugs. He has been pulling on them and didn't say much if they were hurting, but I thought might as well. Sure enough he has double ear infections and the Doc heard KK cough and checked out his lungs and he has broncitis. Thankfully he goes to see the ENT in the next couple of weeks to recheck his hearing and his tubes. He sure is keeping me on my toes he is 3 and doesn't let me forget that.
Petyon on the other hand is in store for another surgery, his testicles have not come down and so we saw the Urogoloist yes in fact this is a problem for Peyton. So we will be having the surgery after he see's his other Doctors just to make sure they don't want to do any other dialations on his airway and if they do than we will do all the surgeries together.
I really love Children's and their wonderful doctors.
Kodi is doing great did a great job at school and his teachers are sad that we are going back to VA at the end of April.