Monday, March 21, 2011

Some Updating

I didn't check the last time I updated my posting so I was sitting here watching the boys play outside and thought I might as well update. Things in Minnesota are great, we had to move up Peyton's surgery from the end of Feburary to the Beginning of Feburary, the surgery went well and we go back on thursday to see what the Doc thinks and how many more if any he will have to have. We are also finding out that Peyton has Asthma which is one reason why we couldn't get him to stop wheezing, we are now getting that under control.
Kingston turned 3 while we are home and he loved his pool party and playing with his cousins. He is a typical 3 year old boy, who believes he is right and doesn't want to listen to anything I say. Thankfully I can call Aaron to help me and back me up on what I am telling Kk. He is so very happy, we are also getting his ear check again for hearing since he is so very loud again and didn't pass his hearing test on his check up. I have to say we love our ENT so very much.
Kodi is in school and loves being back in Teach Gail's class, he went the first day we got here and I was told it was like he never left. Which was great, we have had some meltdowns but for the most part he is doing great. We also have him working with a friend who tutors kids who have Dyslexia and he does a great job with her. As for therapy our insurance won't cover The Therapy Place and we weren't able to get into the clinic that accepts our insurance so he is taking 2 months off.
We are doing Oils for Kodi and I found some good Omega 3 he will take and keeping him off the red dyes.
I just ran my first 7k and loved it. We are now getting ready for other 5k's when we get back home. I love it so very much it was a blast and felt so very good when I crossed the finish line.
We are going to DisneyWorld at the end of Sept for the Halloween 5k and than Aaron and I are doing a relay for the half marathon. Yes that is right I can't wait. We are starting to train now and the boys are even going to be running a little race for kids while we are down at Disney.