Sunday, January 24, 2010


Kodi at Inara's Party wearing a princess crown

Sonita at the party


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Some pictures

Here are some pictures I finally found the camera. Today I weighted Petyon and I couldn't believe that he is 9lbs, he is just growing so very fast, he is starting to get the "baby rolls".

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Mommy Brain

I had thought that with two boys and being pregnant that my Mommy Brain couldn't get any worse, well I was so very wrong. I can't remember anything to save my life. I was talking to Kodi's OT today about which CD was the next one for us to start, and by the time his sessions was over (which is only 50 minutes) I couldn't remember.
Before Peyton was born I was writing everything down and keeping track of things that way, but even now I can't remember to write anything down. I put our camera up high so Kingston wouldn't be able to reach it and now I have no idea where it went. I was going to try my best at night to get a picture during the day of the boys or at least Peyton so Aaron can see how big he is getting while he is at training and well it's not working so well.
All the boys are doing wonderful, I actually got some sleep last night which I am so very thankful for. Kingston only woke up once last night at the same time Kodi was going to the bathroom so the three of us snuggled in Kingston's bed and they both went back to sleep. Some time during the night Kodi went back to his bed, but it was nice not having to get up and go to another bed.
Kodi is doing so very well being back in school and having his routine down again. I Love it. I dont' know what we are going to do when we move and we will not have a school for him to go to. I have started to talk to his therapists on how to help him out the most with the move, we talk daily about moving and how life will be different and at time he is ok with it and other times he cries and tells me he doesn't want to move. I feel the same way I don't want to leave my family and friends, but at the sametime our family needs to be together. The Lord will bless us and will help Kodi with the move.

Monday, January 4, 2010

8 weeks that is all we have left

It doesn't seem real to me that we are at the last leg of our training and being away from Aaron, but we have 8 weeks left. Aaron checked into FMTB and is not looking forward to this training one bit, for a couple of reasons. Of course being away from us is his biggest reason, he was not happy about being away from us this time. For me having him leave last time was the hardest, but I think with Peyton being here and Aaron not being able to be around his three wonderful little boys is very hard for him.

Speaking of Peyton, he is a wonderful little boy. He has already grown so very much in the past three weeks. He looks more like a new born and not this very small little baby. He is actually fitting into his newborn clothes, and LOVES to eat. I would say Peyton is probably 7 lbs maybe 8 lbs.

Kingston is having the hardest time with Peyton being here in our family. I try very hard to make sure I give him one on one time with Mommy. While Aaron was home Kingston would say Daddy take Peyton. But now that Aaron is gone it's just me again, I was able to just have some good one on one time tonight while I was putting him to bed, we read stories and just snuggled before he went to sleep.

Kodi loves Peyton, and is a very proud big brother. He talks to everyone at school about his new little brother Peyton, and loves to be a help when ever he can. I am so very blessed to have such a wonderful helper.