Monday, January 4, 2010

8 weeks that is all we have left

It doesn't seem real to me that we are at the last leg of our training and being away from Aaron, but we have 8 weeks left. Aaron checked into FMTB and is not looking forward to this training one bit, for a couple of reasons. Of course being away from us is his biggest reason, he was not happy about being away from us this time. For me having him leave last time was the hardest, but I think with Peyton being here and Aaron not being able to be around his three wonderful little boys is very hard for him.

Speaking of Peyton, he is a wonderful little boy. He has already grown so very much in the past three weeks. He looks more like a new born and not this very small little baby. He is actually fitting into his newborn clothes, and LOVES to eat. I would say Peyton is probably 7 lbs maybe 8 lbs.

Kingston is having the hardest time with Peyton being here in our family. I try very hard to make sure I give him one on one time with Mommy. While Aaron was home Kingston would say Daddy take Peyton. But now that Aaron is gone it's just me again, I was able to just have some good one on one time tonight while I was putting him to bed, we read stories and just snuggled before he went to sleep.

Kodi loves Peyton, and is a very proud big brother. He talks to everyone at school about his new little brother Peyton, and loves to be a help when ever he can. I am so very blessed to have such a wonderful helper.