Monday, April 14, 2008

My 1st scripture and prayer

Haleigh was asked to give the scripture and prayer on Sunday. It turned out be a family event. We went to support her! She did a wonderful job.

Happy Birthday Xander!

This week we celebrated Xander's 5th birthday, along with Tara and Adam's birthday. During the day we took the kids to the Maple Grove Community Center where they played and had so much fun. At the Maple Grove Community Center they have a huge climbing play place. Two really big twisty slides and a ball pit for the kids to play in.

Once we got back to the house Scott did some magic tricks for the kids, what fun it was to watch their faces. Kodi did not really understand why he couldn't open any of Xander's presents and was very sad when we told him he had to wait until his birthday.

Sleeping Baby

How I wish I could sleep just like Kingston, with no worries or cares at all. I can't believe 6 weeks have gone by since Kingston was born. He is a happy baby, who loves to sleep and eat. He is now wearing 3-6 month clothes and continues to get his "baby fat rolls".

I call him hungry hungry hippo when it's time to eat, he sounds like he has never eatten before. Thanks to the Snow Family they gave us their bassinet for Kingston it's a great bassinet to have. He looks like he is in jail while laying in it, he loves to sleep in the bassinet during the day.

We found out that if we swaddle Kingston at night he sleeps a lot better. He has this lovely habit of sounding like a little pig at night while we are trying to sleep. He sleeps next to us in his crib, which makes it very hard for us to fall asleep, last night he slept until 5 with only waking up two times to nurse. I was so happy :)

Needless to say I love having Kingston added to our family.

Super Heros

Dakot and Haleigh wanted to play Super Hero's so I had a great idea to take two older pillow cases and make capes out of them. So of course I had Aaron make them. Once we put the capes on the kids he went and made masks for them to wear, but they would not keep he masks on at all. I was able to get one picture of Kodi with his cape and mask on. Haleigh and Kodi went flying around the house all day.

It is crazy to think of the things you will make up or do while playing with your kids. We have played super hero, been farm animals, and chefs to make lunch and dinner. I love being a Mom!

The Kids on the Motorcycle

Riding the Motorcycle

It has finally been nice enough to take the motorcycle outside. What a blast it was, the kids loved it! During the week I had found a Harley Davison jacket for Kodi to wear, now he won't ride the bike without his jacket. It's pretty funny.

On the bike there is a little red button that gives the bike a very good blast of power. Xander loved pushing the button and Kodi just started to laugh and had a very BIG Smile on his face while he had the red button pushed. When Inara is riding the bike she is so light the bike does a little wheely when she pushes down the peddle.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Spring is Near :)

Spring is coming, tell everyone who lives in Minnesota that spring is coming! We are so excited that spring is almost here. It has been pretty warm or is getting warmer. Kodi enjoyed a day of playing outside and having a great time on the swing set outside our apartment.

Aaron and Kingston thought it would a good idea to swing a little bit. Aaron has Kingston wrapped up and inside his coat.

Easter Morning

Happy Easter

Dakota was not sure what was going on at first. He was not happy that we had woken him up in the first place for we have morning church at 9 am and he is not a happy camper on Sunday Mornings. But once he saw he has a easter basket with some way cool things from the Easter Bunny he was happy to get ready and going, for he wanted to bring his eggs he got to church to show all his friends at nursey.

After church we headed over to my parents house for Easter Dinner and to see everyone. Dakota had a great time looking in his basket their house. Easter dinner was great here are some pictures of everyone.

How Kingston is growing.

Yesterday Kingston and I went to the WIC clinic which they measured him and I couldn't believe how much weight he has gained since he was born. He was born at 7 lbs and 12oz yesterday he was 11.5 lbs. Which is almost a pound a week that he has gained.

I know he loves to eat, each and every time he eats it's like he has never eatten before. It's pretty funny to hear him eat. He is wearing size 2 diapers and today we put in him a 6 month outift.

Dakota is having a wonderful time being a big brother, today he and Haleigh decided to be super heros. Aaron made them some capes with old pillow cases and super hero masks. Needless to say they did not keep the maskes on, but it was pretty cute to see them running around the house with their capes on.

Yesterday was a very long and fun day for Dakota. At the Mall of America each Tuesday is Toddler Tuesday, which they have fun actives for them. Yesterday was the Teddy Bear Band. They came and played music and it was a lot of. Dakota also got a Teddy Bear which he loves. There is a program with the UofM and Children's hospitals, they were giving out the bears and teaching kids that sometimes you get sick and it's ok. Dakota was able to see how his bear weighted, gave Teddy a shot of medicine, listened to Teddy's heart beat as well as his own. He thought it was so cool. Last night he had to sleep with Teddy and than this morning he had to make sure Teddy was ok.

I would say that is one of the best parts of being a parent is to watch your child learn and grow. Dakota loves to learn about different things, could be how to cook eggs, or how to wash clothes, but he is always watching the learning from us.

On Sunday Grandma gave all the grandkids a scripture chart to keep track of his scripture reading, or listening to them. Dakota is very proud when he is able to put his sticker on his chart. It also makes sure that Mom and Dad are reading their scriptures.