Wednesday, April 2, 2008

How Kingston is growing.

Yesterday Kingston and I went to the WIC clinic which they measured him and I couldn't believe how much weight he has gained since he was born. He was born at 7 lbs and 12oz yesterday he was 11.5 lbs. Which is almost a pound a week that he has gained.

I know he loves to eat, each and every time he eats it's like he has never eatten before. It's pretty funny to hear him eat. He is wearing size 2 diapers and today we put in him a 6 month outift.

Dakota is having a wonderful time being a big brother, today he and Haleigh decided to be super heros. Aaron made them some capes with old pillow cases and super hero masks. Needless to say they did not keep the maskes on, but it was pretty cute to see them running around the house with their capes on.

Yesterday was a very long and fun day for Dakota. At the Mall of America each Tuesday is Toddler Tuesday, which they have fun actives for them. Yesterday was the Teddy Bear Band. They came and played music and it was a lot of. Dakota also got a Teddy Bear which he loves. There is a program with the UofM and Children's hospitals, they were giving out the bears and teaching kids that sometimes you get sick and it's ok. Dakota was able to see how his bear weighted, gave Teddy a shot of medicine, listened to Teddy's heart beat as well as his own. He thought it was so cool. Last night he had to sleep with Teddy and than this morning he had to make sure Teddy was ok.

I would say that is one of the best parts of being a parent is to watch your child learn and grow. Dakota loves to learn about different things, could be how to cook eggs, or how to wash clothes, but he is always watching the learning from us.

On Sunday Grandma gave all the grandkids a scripture chart to keep track of his scripture reading, or listening to them. Dakota is very proud when he is able to put his sticker on his chart. It also makes sure that Mom and Dad are reading their scriptures.