Monday, October 19, 2009

Our little Haleigh

Last night my Mom got a call from Katy telling us know they were meeting Haleigh and her Dad at the ER. Her legs were swelling up and her left arm was hurting so much she did not want to move it.
Adam being a PT was very concerned for her because he said it sounded like it was her heart. We patiently waited for the updates to know how our little Haleigh was. She was admitted to the hospital and was waiting for the Dr at 10:30 and by midnight, the dr said he did not know what was going on and waited her Transfered over to childrens.
By 5 am she was relased and sent home. What they found was that she has Henoch-Schönlein Purpura (HSP). Her legs are still very swollen and she will be at home for at least this week and is not suppose to be moving around. A lot of TV Time for that little girl.

It's been a week

Last week was not too bad for us. Kodi did have some melt downs but the more I read about Sensory Processing Disorder the more I understand how to help him out. We are trying to get him tested for SPD but the insurance is not sure if it is under mental health or not. But he is having a great time anyway. We are still trying to figure out his sensory room. I did today go and get a very cool new bounce toy for him. It's a little tykes bounce and spin toy, he loves it.
Kingston is Kingston, I am not too sure how I like his little attitude he has, and he is learning that I do not put up with a lot of his screaming or hitting me. Today he has really let Kodi have it, and has spent some time in the time area.
Aaron is doing well, he is still in the ER for the last two days and really does enjoy everything he is learning.
Really not much has been going to since the last time I posted. We head down to pick up Aaron on Thursday and than we have Daddy back for 13 days before he heads out for another 4 months of training.
I am not looking forward to that at all, but with prayers and my faith, I know our little family will get through this long period away from each other.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Another Week down two more to go

We had a wonderful week ending with Aaron coming home on Friday and will be leaving this afternoon. We have loved Daddy being home, being able to play and feel like a complete family. Our boys are so very happy, Dakota has not left Aaron's side, at all expect for the the Birthday Party he went to yesterday. It was his very first "friend" birthday party. I was not sure how well he would do but as I walked over to our neighbors house I was talking to their Dad and he said the party was a great success. All the kids play very nicely together Kodi was a great little partier and no problomes:)

Of course once I got inside he was down stairs playing with all the toys and did not want to leave. I him out of the house and he wanted Daddy. So I put him down and got Aaron, to help Dakota make the transition alittle easier, Daddy made it better, brought Dakota inside got their jacket's on and went outside to play and swing. Swinging always makes it better. The rest of night was a great night.

We had more family come over, it was great to see Erica, Jon, Melissa and Jeff. Of course the boys loved seeing them. Tara and her family came over after dinner and all the kids played and played. Dakota has done a wonderful job with Daddy being home. It's going to very hard this afternoon when I go and pick him up from pre-school and there will be no daddy.

But we have a count down going to go and get him. It has been a long 6 months of not having Aaron around.

Kingston loves his Daddy and melts down anytime Aaron walks out of the room and he is not with him. He too will miss Aaron and unlike Dakota doesnt understand why Daddy is not always here. But with love and prayers both the boys will be ok. Today will be some Kingston and Daddy time when we drop Dakota off at school.

Kingston this week had two of his little finger shut in the bathroom door, Thankfully Aaron come home and took care of him. It's very nice to have someone know what they doing when it comes to emergency medicine. Kingston was very good for Aaron sitting on his lap as he clean out his finger nail and clipped off the part of the nail that was falling off.

Kingston also had this 18 month check up on Wednesday, he is growing just fine. He is in the 75% for all of the charting. Dr Green is very happy with how well he is growing.

I am doing well, I also had my Dr appt for this month and Peyton and I are doing just fine. I took the glucose test and it was negative. Which I am so very happy about. I was not worried in any way. With my next appt and the ones following that I will be down to seeing the Dr every two weeks for a month and than I am down to once a week. It's so very crazy how fast this pregancy has gone for us.

Aaron has had a wonderful time being home. He has enjoyed every moment with us. He is also almost done with "A" school. This is his last two weeks of training for this round. He will be in clinicals at the VA for the next 8 days. Than we will be leaving on the 22 to go down for his graduation and take him home with us on the 23 :). He has been working very hard and has been learning so very much. His next stop before we are stationed is his FMTB training (Field Medical Training Battalion) which is in North Caroline at Camp Lejune. This training is only 8 weeks long, but they have him in holding for two months. This around of training we will not be able to visit it for I am not able to travel after Nov 28. We are praying he is able to come home for the holidays!

That is what we have been up too this past week. It been a much needed family time and we are looking forward to our up coming trip to Disneyworld on the 26th.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

First week of Preschool!

Well the first week of school is down, and he loved it. Dakota was a little disappointed when he did not go to school on Friday. Needless to say he drove me crazy on friday. I love that he goes to school for 2.5 hours Monday - Thursday, but I don't know what do with him on Friday, Thankfully Aaron will be home this friday and that wont' be a problem.
I also went to see his new Therapist to help him with Aaron being gone, I can't wait for him to start seeing her and for her help. We will be going again on Friday with Aaron. Dakota is doing much better, we had a great week. He did not have any screaming Fits, I have stopped all his TV watching and now he only gets to watch either Playhouse Disney or PBS. Which he doesn't mind at all. I also have been working on making the playroom a sensory room for him. It's a HUGE task to take on but he really needs it.
We are looking at making a ball pit for the corner of the room, and than maybe to put up a swing for the rainy days and when the cold winter comes. Aaron will be putting up the fish light for him in the sensory room and making it more a comfort for him. I am totally grateful for all the help me gets from his therapist. They truly are a blessing to us. I have been doing his sensory diet, brushing which is now down to 4 times a day, and using the oil Mood Magic for men, which he likes to put him his feet. All of these things are making a HUGE difference in him. He is also able to tell me when he needs to go outside and swing, which is a true blessing that he can express when his body is needing that. He is always a much happer little boy after we have been swinging. I have learned that we will need to get another dark swing from Ikea for KK loves Kodi's swing, we have many fights over the swing and KK is the one who doesn't win. :(
He is working so hard, on everything he is learning. I have been doing a lot of reading on Sensory Processing Disorder which is making a whole lot of sense to me. It is explaining a lot of why he is melting down and how I need to help him out. I bought two books one is The Out of Sync Child and I can't remember the other book. I am reading the The Out of Sync Child and Tara is reading the other one. Than we will switch and read the other ones. I am grateful for all the resources that are here for us to use.
Kingston has decided to cut 6 new teeth I got him to sleep in his toddler bed next to my bed and than he started to cut his teeth. So of course he is back in our bed and right next to me. Which means I am not getting a good night sleep since I am switching back and forth from side to side. My hips are hurting most of the night, and than I have KK wanting to have me cuddle him. KK is growing so much he is already wearing 24 months and some 2 T clothing. He is a bean poll, but he my saving grace at times.
He did a great job at Kim's house on Friday when I went to see the Therapist. He was a trooper and even took a nap:) Which he never does when we are out at peoples houses. He also will eat anything you feed to him. He loves tomatoes right now and will ask for them, I dont' know where he gets that since I don't like them at all.
I am hanging in here, I am gratful that Aaron is coming home on Friday and will be with us until Monday afternoon. Than we have two weeks left of "A" school and we than go down and get him. Our time with "A" school is coming to and end, and it's been a long road, and when I look at it went by some what fast. I am getting bigger out little guy Peyton is growing and letting me know he just like his brothers. Kodi loves to talk to my belly and "wake up" the baby. KK will even say "baby" and point to my belly.
Well that is about it for this past week. I think I am doing pretty well if I update once a week, I am trying to get back to posting daily but who knows with the way Kodi acts up.