Monday, October 19, 2009

Our little Haleigh

Last night my Mom got a call from Katy telling us know they were meeting Haleigh and her Dad at the ER. Her legs were swelling up and her left arm was hurting so much she did not want to move it.
Adam being a PT was very concerned for her because he said it sounded like it was her heart. We patiently waited for the updates to know how our little Haleigh was. She was admitted to the hospital and was waiting for the Dr at 10:30 and by midnight, the dr said he did not know what was going on and waited her Transfered over to childrens.
By 5 am she was relased and sent home. What they found was that she has Henoch-Schönlein Purpura (HSP). Her legs are still very swollen and she will be at home for at least this week and is not suppose to be moving around. A lot of TV Time for that little girl.


Jami said...

Wow! Poor girl! I hope she gets better, soon. I've never heard of that, that's so interesting. But now I know what to do if it should ever happen to my own kids (Heaven forbid). I'll be praying for her!