Monday, October 12, 2009

Another Week down two more to go

We had a wonderful week ending with Aaron coming home on Friday and will be leaving this afternoon. We have loved Daddy being home, being able to play and feel like a complete family. Our boys are so very happy, Dakota has not left Aaron's side, at all expect for the the Birthday Party he went to yesterday. It was his very first "friend" birthday party. I was not sure how well he would do but as I walked over to our neighbors house I was talking to their Dad and he said the party was a great success. All the kids play very nicely together Kodi was a great little partier and no problomes:)

Of course once I got inside he was down stairs playing with all the toys and did not want to leave. I him out of the house and he wanted Daddy. So I put him down and got Aaron, to help Dakota make the transition alittle easier, Daddy made it better, brought Dakota inside got their jacket's on and went outside to play and swing. Swinging always makes it better. The rest of night was a great night.

We had more family come over, it was great to see Erica, Jon, Melissa and Jeff. Of course the boys loved seeing them. Tara and her family came over after dinner and all the kids played and played. Dakota has done a wonderful job with Daddy being home. It's going to very hard this afternoon when I go and pick him up from pre-school and there will be no daddy.

But we have a count down going to go and get him. It has been a long 6 months of not having Aaron around.

Kingston loves his Daddy and melts down anytime Aaron walks out of the room and he is not with him. He too will miss Aaron and unlike Dakota doesnt understand why Daddy is not always here. But with love and prayers both the boys will be ok. Today will be some Kingston and Daddy time when we drop Dakota off at school.

Kingston this week had two of his little finger shut in the bathroom door, Thankfully Aaron come home and took care of him. It's very nice to have someone know what they doing when it comes to emergency medicine. Kingston was very good for Aaron sitting on his lap as he clean out his finger nail and clipped off the part of the nail that was falling off.

Kingston also had this 18 month check up on Wednesday, he is growing just fine. He is in the 75% for all of the charting. Dr Green is very happy with how well he is growing.

I am doing well, I also had my Dr appt for this month and Peyton and I are doing just fine. I took the glucose test and it was negative. Which I am so very happy about. I was not worried in any way. With my next appt and the ones following that I will be down to seeing the Dr every two weeks for a month and than I am down to once a week. It's so very crazy how fast this pregancy has gone for us.

Aaron has had a wonderful time being home. He has enjoyed every moment with us. He is also almost done with "A" school. This is his last two weeks of training for this round. He will be in clinicals at the VA for the next 8 days. Than we will be leaving on the 22 to go down for his graduation and take him home with us on the 23 :). He has been working very hard and has been learning so very much. His next stop before we are stationed is his FMTB training (Field Medical Training Battalion) which is in North Caroline at Camp Lejune. This training is only 8 weeks long, but they have him in holding for two months. This around of training we will not be able to visit it for I am not able to travel after Nov 28. We are praying he is able to come home for the holidays!

That is what we have been up too this past week. It been a much needed family time and we are looking forward to our up coming trip to Disneyworld on the 26th.


Jami said...

That's so great that you guys got to spend the weekend together!