Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday a day of Rest or so I am told

We woke up early since it's daylight saves, and having a great morning when Kodi said he had to throw up now when he usually just coughs and spits into the toilet and all is well, but not today. So now we are dealing with a sick little boy. Finally understanding that he can't go to church or school tomorrow which is sad since they are going to a farm tomorrow and he will miss that.
Yesterday was a long day and it seemed that it was a never ending day. I was cleaning the living room and picking up toys when the boys decided to just undo everything I was doing. Aaron had gone on a scouting camping trip so that morning it was all me.
Friday night myself and the boys went to a 31 purse party where Kodi had a meltdown, not because it was time to go, but because some friends were trying to help and he just wanted me. So friday night ended on a not so good foot. I was actually very proud of him for I had told him in the kitchen that we needed to go and that he needed to make the right choice and not melt down. I just need to remind my friends that when I need help with my kids I Will let them know.

Friday, November 5, 2010

A Week in Review

So it's been a while since I lasted posted, the seasons are changing which means in our house hold colds and more colds. So by the time it's bed time I am tired and just go to bed with the boys. Lately the boys have been up way to late and bed time is all off.

Kingston has a rash and I don't know what it's from so time to make a Doctor's appt to see what it is. Peyton has the cold and is crabby plus teeth coming in. All he does is cry all day and he wants me to hold him. I can say that my arms are getting stronger from all the holding I do.
Kodi is doing pretty good, we are seeing less meltdowns but when he has one it's a big one. He is doing great in karate still a white belt but he has three strips I am not sure how many strips until he has a belt test but he loves going each week.
This week my Grandma Alex had a stroke and I think she is getting out today, she is a wonderful women I just wish I would have taken the time when I was out in Idaho to actually spend more time with her and learn my history. Kingston doesn't look like he is 2 1/2 he looks like a 4 year old he is so very tall, and I have found that he is our family clown, he loves to make things funny. Aaron bent over to pick something up and Kingston came running up and wiped his nose on Aaron's butt and laughed "Daddy boggers on your butt" silly boy. He also got a drink of water and was walking passed me and looked at me looked at his water and laughed "don't even think about it KK" I told him. Just a silly kid, and I love him for that.
Peyton is starting to climb the starts which means we are in trouble. He was trying to get the bat cave from Kingston so I told Kingston to take the toy upstairs and play in the landing so he did and Peyton tried to follow him got up the first step and smiled with pride. He is getting big as well and we keep a close watch on his colds to make sure he is breathing good.
I am now the Primary President and it's a lot of work and time spent on my knees asking for guidance and help. I love my primary kids and I want them to have the same love for the gospel as I do.
We are going to the DC temple at the end of the month for the youth temple trip, I am so excited for my boys to see the temple and for them to see us using the temple and doing the work.