Monday, October 19, 2009

It's been a week

Last week was not too bad for us. Kodi did have some melt downs but the more I read about Sensory Processing Disorder the more I understand how to help him out. We are trying to get him tested for SPD but the insurance is not sure if it is under mental health or not. But he is having a great time anyway. We are still trying to figure out his sensory room. I did today go and get a very cool new bounce toy for him. It's a little tykes bounce and spin toy, he loves it.
Kingston is Kingston, I am not too sure how I like his little attitude he has, and he is learning that I do not put up with a lot of his screaming or hitting me. Today he has really let Kodi have it, and has spent some time in the time area.
Aaron is doing well, he is still in the ER for the last two days and really does enjoy everything he is learning.
Really not much has been going to since the last time I posted. We head down to pick up Aaron on Thursday and than we have Daddy back for 13 days before he heads out for another 4 months of training.
I am not looking forward to that at all, but with prayers and my faith, I know our little family will get through this long period away from each other.