Wednesday, November 4, 2009


We had the wonderful chance for our family to head to Disneyworld after Aaron was done with "A" school. It was a trip that was suppose to happen in December with the rest of my family, but because I will be due at the end of December or the beginning of January my OB told me I would not be making that trip. In the end it ended up working out just great because we were not sure that Aaron would be able to join us in December for our family trip. So we worked it out that we took our Disney trip at the end of the Oct, the rest of my family is still going at the beginning of Dec and they will have a wonderful time.
The boys loved it, Kingston was not sure about characters when they came up to see him but as long as they were far enough away he was totally cool with them. We took a lot of time to let Dakota just play at the soft play area's in Disneyworld and he loved it. We also found out about the Special needs pass you are able to get. Which made our trip so much easier. This pass let us use the fast pass lane and than use the wheelchair access. Dakota was so much better when he was not around so many people and was able to have a quiter area to wait in line. He rode most of the rides, we found it was much easier just to take him on the ride than to ask him which one he wanted to ride. Even though he has been to Disneyworld 2 times before this it was still all new. He really liked splash mountain and thunder moutain rollercoaster, but his favorite ride would be the Andy's Room ride at Hollywood Studios. I think he rode that ride like 8 times in a row and if we would have let him he would have continued to ride it. At Ecpot he loved Test Track, how fast it went and it was just a great ride for him.
The one show we did take him to was Fantasmic he loved. It was loud for him but we put his head phones on and that made all the difference for him, he just loved how Mickey won over the dragon. Kingston did like to ride as many rides as he could. He did not like waiting for Daddy and Kodi to go on the big rides and leave him out.
We spend a good deal of time at the soft play areas they have in all the parks, both boys really loved that. Which for us was a life saver when both boys had enough and they needed to get down and play. Over all it was a wonderful trip and we cant' wait to go back in 2013 with Aaron's family.