Friday, November 20, 2009

Let the nesting begin

I can certainly tell that my pregnancy is coming to and end, all this week I have been nesting. It's not too bad yet, but all I want to do is having this clean, of course once I start to clean and organize something I get very tired and stop. Needless to say I am not taking the nesting to far yet.
Kingston is sleeping now in his bed until about 4:30 and than will wake up looking for me. I am hoping and we can brake this before Peyton comes next month. Dakota is sleeping great, he loves his "tunk bed" as he calls it. Kingston does thing he is a big boy now that he can climb down the stairs of Dakota's bed.
At school Dakota has been working very hard on the spelling of his name. He has figured out that Kodi start's with a "K" now where we go he looks for a "K" and tells me there is a Kodi store. It's pretty cute, he loves school so much and hates when he doesn't have school.
Kingston is putting more and more words together, tonight we went swimming with Tara and Scott's family at my cousin's apt and Kingston was swimming with Tara and said "scott, look at me" Tara could not believe it. He is just talking away, I can now stop worrying to much about Kingston having the same speech problem as Kodi.
Both boys love sitting next to me and talking to Peyton, Kodi will put his hand on my belly and tell me that Peyton is crying and waiting his Big Brother. KK just say's "baby" and pats my belly.
Both boys are missing Aaron a lot this week. I am not sure what is going on with that, but KK has been calling for Daddy during the day and then crying afterwords. Dakota just will telling me he is sad, and misses Daddy and that is why he is having a fit.
He is making a great progress with Jenn his therapist he seeing for missing Daddy. They work great together and just with in a month you can tell that she is really helping him. The ideas on who to keep him calm and use his words are great, and Kodi is starting to be able to tell me when he is upset and will not just start to "fight" me but rather go in his room and take some time until he calms down. Of course he still does have some fits and is out of control but no where near what it was before.
I am so very grateful for Jenn's help with Dakota. I am grateful that I am able to help him out, as his mother I am taking the steps that Aaron and I both feel he needs. We have a wonderful little boy and I am always thanking the Lord for his help with Dakota, and for pointing us in the right direction for getting Dakota the help he needs.
I can not believe that Thanksgiving is around the corner, and how each and every day the boys and I talk about why we are thankful for the thing we have.