Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Another day down

It's been a fair good first part of the week for us. Dakota only had school on Monday, which is was very sad with he loves school and I tried to explain why he wasn't going the rest of the week and it did understand "Thanksgiving break".
But the rest of his week is pretty normal to what he usually does. I talked to Speech Therapist about his re-eval and she is very happy with how well he scored on his test. He is in the "normal" range for children his age. Which both Aaron and I are very happy about, Dakota has been working so very hard the past year, and it has really paid off. When you talk to him you can tell that is still has a long way to go with his speech, and some words are hard for him. But he is getting it. The Lord has blessed him so very much with all the help he is getting. We are on Disc 3 now for his music therapy and he likes this one so I pray it won't be a problem of getting him to listen to it twice a day. But we will see.
Kingston is loving the word "NO" and is continuing to put more and more words together. He goes and goes all day long. He right now is my snuggle bunny actually both boys love crawing into my lap and just hugging me and being with me. I love it, I believe all of us need that extra love right now.
We ran to target tonight so I could get another foam pad for my bed, I think I have a total of 3 on my bed, My hips are so very bad at night, and I can't wait to be able to sleep on my back. I knew that Kingston was in need of some new shoes, and I thought maybe Kodi was as well, so of course when we went to look at shoes for Kingston, Kodi found some too and than told me his tennis shoes were too small for him. Which they are, so both boys got new shoes and love them.
I did see the OB on Monday and things are good and Peyton and I are just fine. We did talk about pre-term labor, and the signs to watch for it, since I am 33.5 also 34 weeks along. Which I can't believe.
We continue to talk with Aaron in the afternoons on the web cam and the boys love it. It truly makes a difference being able to see him. He is doing well, a little tired of all of the filing he is doing at the clinic, but at least he is not sitting around and waiting for them to decided on where he will be while he is stationed in NC.