Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Once again we have snow

Last night as I was driving back from Target the rain was turning into ice and than when we woke up we had a very nice fresh looking blanket of snow. Of course the roads were awful and Kodi cough wasn't getting any better so like a good Mommy I try to be I got him an appointment this morning, thankfully he doesn't have anything and he cough is clearing what is in his chest :) I really don't need anymore sick kids.
So we braved the roads and made it back home and I had the boys just rest until I was time to get Kodi to school. This time the roads were a little better and we wasted no time in playing in the snow. Kk was coughing so hard he wanted puked "Mommy I need to puke outside" so I took him out of his carseat and let him try to puke in the snow. Thankfully he didn't, but we got back in the car and off to school.
I am so very thankful more and more companies are coming out with natural ways of putting coloring into foods. Kodi is not suppose to have Red or Yellow dyes and so he doesn't get the fun treats, but as we were looking for snacks I saw that the colored Goldfish are now use all natural ingredients for coloring the fish! He as so very happy, we also found some popsilces that use natural ingredients another plus for us. The sad part for Kodi is that he loves Orange soda and that has both in so I just have to remind him that we don't get those dyes because they are so very bad for us.
Peyton is being Peyton climbing and everything and getting into everything. He is back in the yellow zone for his Asthma and I am back to nebbing him 3 to 4 times a day. I am grateful because he really does a great job of using the neb and doesn't fuss to much.
I am finally getting more sleep, Kodi is back in his bed and I am able to sleep much better. I am gearing up again for the Cinco de Mayo run and I can't wait. I had so much fun training and running the 7k. I was very proud of my family for all of us running it. I can't wait to do more, Kodi and KK are very excited about their race they will be doing at Disney. Kodi is all about training and exercising for it.