Friday, March 25, 2011

Doctors and more Doctors

We finally saw Dr Tibesar yesterday for Peyton's check up it's been about 1 1/2 months since we had the surgery and he is thinking that was the last one! Yesterday was the best check up, he said that is the best sounding he has every heard Peyton, we are so happy to hear this. Of course with croup that will always set us back, but so far he hasn't had any croup and we hope that we won't.

We know where to find Dr Tibesar if we need him again. We are so very grateful for him and how well he worked on our son and how well he took care of him.
Now we just have to make the appointment for his surgery for his little man problem and we will than set to leave in April. We have the OK by Tibesar and just need the OK from his Pulmonolgist and we will be good to go.
We are still looking for a good school for Kodi to attend this fall, Virginia doesn't have open enrollment, so if you are zoned for a bad school than you have no choice to get your kid into another great public school. Have I said how much I HATE Virginia. Education is a huge part of life and I want all my children to succeed in what they do. They need to have the best education I can give them. Homeschool is not an option for Kodi, with his speech-language he needs to be around other children. Plus he and I just don't mix like that. I would love to homeschool him, but we have a hard enough time getting through the day at times, I don't know how I would get him to do school work.
Kingston is pushing all my buttons, being 3 and not listening has landed him in a lot of time to think and be away from everyone else. Let me tell you doesn't like it but he needs to learn, what we are telling him is not to be mean but to help him and keep him safe. My mom keeps telling me I was just like him. I guess that is only fair that I got a kid just like me.
We have a fun filled night ahead so a quite day at home, I am watching Tara's kids while they go out, so I hope KK and the twins will play nicely. Our time here is coming to an end, I am sad and yet I am glad to go back home. I miss my best friend and my own space.


blondeviolin said...

You know, you can still homeschool and Kodi still receive speech therapy. He would still receive an IEP and services. I wouldn't discount homeschooling if you really are that dissatisfied with the school system in your area. Kindergarten ESPECIALLY does not have to be a sit-down-and-do-your-worksheet type of learning.

You might also look at k12. There's a public school, tuition-free option in VA:

We're homeschooling Abby this coming school year, so you can email/message me about it if you want. I'm not anti-public school...I just think as parents, we are children's advocates, and if we aren't pleased with one option, we can (and should!) create other options.

Mary said...

They won't give him an IEP because he i 1 or 2 points above the cut off line. I have been email the department of Education for Viginia asking her if there is some way to get him in another school. I can't believe how unfair the school system is in VA. It's not by our choice that we live in Porstmouth, that is where they had the first house open. I will look into Homeschooling.
I am all about advocating for Kodi, I am the only one who has a voice for him and they, and I agree you on that! THanks for the support!