Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Winter is coming

It's starting to get cold out, which is a very big battle with putting our coats when going outside to the car. I should say down to the parking garage it's nice and warm, and Kodi doesn't understand why he should have to wear his coat. Needless to say we are learning to wear that coat.
Today at TTP, Meghan and Sarah are working on changes his clothes and wearing play clothes so Dakota can get messy and not worry about getting his clothers dirty. Which makes sense, but Dakota doesn't like to change, it took a little bit but we finally got him to put on his play pants over his jeans. Megan his OT said that doing a lot of deep pressure playing is great for Dakota and pushing into this works great as well.
Tuesday is grandma day and she came and got Dakota to go grocery shopping with her he loved it, they bought dinner for us and got KK some puffs to eat, he was so happy. He ate dinner and I thought maybe we could make some cookies which Megan also said was great a great thing for him to do. Of course he did help a little bit but mainly he wanted to eat the dough. So here I am still baking the cookies and the kids are sleeping.
I am so very grateful that we were able to find what Dakota needs. His therapy is great, he has made great progress, we are able to understand what he is talking about and I now know why he acts up. I just have to remember when he is jumping off the couch that his little body is looking for that sensory imput and that I need to find someway to give it to him and not have it be dangerous.
We will be starting a Therputic Listening program next week, I am very excited about it. He has done some music therapy before with them and I can't wait to see the changes and progress with it. His brushing has made a great difference in him and I know the music will do the same.


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