Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Do I have to listen to my Mom and Dad?

Dakota has hit another road block in not LISTENING. Image that a 3 1/2 year old not wanting to listen at all. So I am sitting here watching all the boys play together when I hear Aaron say"use your brain Empie" of course he is talking to Dakota who is jumping of the couch into pillows. I just started to laugh.
Listening is something we are trying to teach Dakota, for he has gotten both our stubborness. So naturaly Dakota doesn't want to listen but to do his very own agenda. Which is the last couple of days had gotten him into trouble.
Last year January when we visited Grandma and Papa, Grandma had made us some toy bags, well Dakota loves to try and put Kingston in them. Not sure where he got that idea but we are saying a lot "Dakota doesn't put your brother in the bag". Go Figure that it would be my son to do something like that.
Winter is here! Dakota loves going outside and playing in the snow. Today was very cold out and so there was no outside time :( but Dakota has made the house a train wreck and is playing as much has he can inside. We washed the car and cleaned is out while Kingston was taking a nap. I cleaned up the house as much I as could before Kingston woke up from his morning nap.
We are looking forward to this weekend, for it's Aaron's turn again to be MOD over the weekend and we get to spend the night at his hotel :) Than get up and go have breakfast with Santa. Dakota is looking forward to doing that. He loves Santa so much. But that telling him that Santa won't come if he doesnt listen to us doesnt' seem to make a difference at all.


blondeviolin said...

We're having some of that issue with Abby. But then she acknowledges that she hears and straight up says, "NO!" *headdesk*