Saturday, November 1, 2008

Katy and Adam's Wedding

We have a new member of our family. Katy and Adam are now married, yes they finally tied the knot. I was the maid of honor, which was great, I got to get a pretty dress and get my hair done. I was very happy and honored she picked me.
They were married in a very nice park in Wisconsin. We got up this morning and left the house and drove for about 3.5 hours and finally made it to the hotel, we were all running late and it was nice that Katy did not have a schedule to keep. We got ready and made it to park while Adam's Dad was taking pictures. We had to wait for Tara and her family (for my mom gave them the wrong directions from the hotel, they ended up driving an half hour out of their way) while we waitied for them we got pictures taken.
Finally they showed up and the wedding started. The ceremony lasted about 15 mintues they wrote their own vows and it was great! Katy was so beatiful, and so very happy.
I have to say I love Adam so much and I am very happy they found each other.
I will up load pictures when we get home :)
We are all tried for we came back and let the kids swim until they were tried, now they are sleeping and I hope that KK will sleep all night long like he did last night :0 I was so very happy that he slept all night.