Sunday, October 19, 2008

Progress Report

Dakota has now been in speech class for two months at The Therapy Place and "Star Talkers" which he takes at the ECFE building, and he is doing AMAZING, he is working so hard. We can now understand him! He has also started to see the OT at the Therapy Place I thought maybe he had some Sensory Issues and I was right. We have started a "brushing program" where we use a little brush and brush his legs,arms and back and end with joing compressions so far it's been every two hours for the last three weeks we are starting on our 4th week, at least I try to get the brushing in very two hours. During the weekend it's about every four hours.
But I can tell you he is a whole new little boy, he is sleeping through the night. His fits have cut in half and he is a happy camper!
Potty training is going really good. We set the timer for every hour and he goes when the timer goes off. It's great, we have had a couple of accident's but he deals pretty well with them.
Kingston is a trooper he is getting bigger and bigger, he is starting to pull himself up and wants to stand up. Before we know it he will he walking around. It's so crazy how fast they grow.
We have had a nice slow week with MEA this past week and no school for Haleigh and Kodi only had "Star Talkers" once last week. But this week we are off to a full crazy week. Not that I mind it but it was nice to have a slower week. We were running around, way to fast for us.
We have started going to the library and checking out books as well as movies. The Lastest movie that Kodi loves to watch is "Sonic" he saw a little bit at T's house so when I found the full season at the library I got it. It's due on Monday and he will have to part with it. But we have found one Christmas Present for him :) Which I totally can't believe it's almost that time of the year, Target is already putting out Christmas stuff.