Monday, October 6, 2008

Monday what a Monday!

Do you ever feel like life is passing you by as you stand and watch. That is totally what happened to me. We have not spent to much time with Tara and the twins since the last two weeks someone in one of our familes has been sick and we don't want to pass the sickness along. So finally we are all better and Inara and Kodi really have been missing each other so off we went after dropping Haleigh off at preschool we headed over to Grandama and Pa's house for the afternoon.

It was a fun afternoon Tara got to watch KK "army crawl" across the wood floor and man can he move. Than we both nursed the boys, when I say boys she has twins who are 5 weeks old and Kingston is 7 months and loves to nurse! We sent Dakota and Inara outside to play. I don't know how many time we have told those two to stay out of the grill area where pa puts the charcol, but I could not see the kids so I poked my head outside the back door and to my suprise (really not) they were COVERED in it, from head to toe. Needless to say they both got baths tonight.

Life just seem to pass me by today, just with being around Tara and her kids there are so many kids at Grandma and Pa's house when all of us are home. Tara has 4 kids I have 2 and Katy have 1 so that makes a grand total of 7 kids 4 of them can run around Kingston is trying his best to move like the older ones.

We had a wonderful time I was able to make dinner and have it ready for everyone. I do miss making dinner with Aaron working nights and Kodi not really eatting a lot we usually have ceral or eggs for dinner. So it was really nice to have a good meal with other people. I offered to make dinner every night for them. I love being at home with my Family.

The boys played hard at Grandma and Pa's house they both were sleeping by the time we got home, thankfully Kodi stayed asleep and Kingston went back to sleep around 8:30 not to bad.

So I get some really good quite time for me. I should be cleaning my house or doing something but after today and trying to manage the kids I just dont' have energy.

Potty training is going great! He doesn't want to put Real underwear on yet so pull ups it is, I am praying soon he will want to.
Enjoy the pictures that Dakota took!