Thursday, October 2, 2008

The boys!

Let's see a recap of this week! It's been a week for us. Kingston has been coughing up a storm and I took him in to Urgent Care on Sunday thinking maybe he had an ear infection, I was wrong just a cold. Needles to say the last couple of nights have been sooooo bad for us. I decided last night at the last minute to take both Kingston and I into Urgent Care again. I knew I had a sinus infection it's that time of year for me to get them that was a no brainer.... But Kingston was not getting any better. Yes this time he did have an ear infection and she thought Pneumonia. They had Kingston get a chest x-ray done and the little chair he had to sit looked like it was made back in the 1900's or later. I had to hold his hand straight up and he was cry and trying to jump with his legs. But they finally got a good enough x-ray to see that he has it. :(
Last night he slept for a little bit in his crib and than back next to me and he slept all night! I was so very happy.
I got a call from Tara this morning and Inara has hand,foot and mouth, which means both my kids have been exposed to it. I am only praying we dont' get it. Haleigh already has it and we dont need anymore sickness around here. It's Aarons' one day off today and he has gotten a part time job and is working so with me not feeling my best and Kingston sick Dakota gets a fun day of tv!
He did go to school this morning and he doing wonderful with his talking and new words. His fits had been cut in half and he has start OT we found out he has some sensory issues and we are now geting OT along with this SP on Tuesdays. She has started a brushing program with us and we brush his legs, arms and back every 2 hours to get his sense working a little better and with two days under our belt he is doing wonderful! I am so very happy we have found out what has been going on with Dakota!


Kim Ashford said...

Holy Cow! I chatted with Tara this morning before she went to the Dr. but I hadn't heard the results.

I am so sorry that you are all dealing with so much sickness! I hope for quick recoveries all around.

And what the heck are OT and SP?

blondeviolin said...

Ugh! When it rains, it poors, huh?

Speaking with experience, though, once they get you on medication for pneumonia you usually start feeling better ASAP.

Hope it all gets better soon!