Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Day 21/22

Yesterday our busy day of the week. We get up and go to Speech class have an 1 1/2 hour break than take Kodi to TTP. My tuesdays aways go very fast.

Once we got back home I started on some laundry and tried to put Kingston down for a nap, but he just won't go down. Needless to say he was crabby.

Kodi was watching a movie and I notice that at 6 last night he was asleep. He did not want to get up and eat dinner.

He woke up an hour later needing to go to the bathroom. And of course he was not happy and wake. Grandma had told him she was going to the soup resturant and going to bring some soup home for dinner, but Pa and I wanted Pizza instead Kodi was so upset. So he and I went to get some soup and the resturant was closed. More heart breaking for him.

We came and and he settled for some pizza. Kingston and decided he wanted to wake up and both kids were up until 11. I was tried and just wanted them to go to sleep. Finally they both were out and so was I. Needless to say I did not post last night.

Today we are going to go and get my ID and finish the laundry. So much fun, we have had a good day so far. It's a little cold outside. I am going to try and get the kids outside, but not sure how that will go with them.

Kingston is already wanted to play with them and climb over everything in the house.

Yesterday at TTP they Megan and Sara reported Kodi had a great session. Which was great, he is doing so well. I am so very grateful for them and all the work they both have been doing with Kodi.