Sunday, May 24, 2009

Day 19

It started off as a pretty good day, Kodi was very excited to wear his new pants to church to show Xander. He had to run to the bathroom so I went to help him do his pants up and he started to get upset at me because I was not using the button. Well the button was a decoration on the pants since the hook was a slip one. He did not like it one bit.

So we ended up being late to church and talking about how we act and how we need to listen to Mommy. He was sent to time out on his bed, and Bubble Bee and two movies were taken away. He was not happy one bit.

I can't seem to find a good way to help him understand when he is making wrong choices. I was talking to another Mom at Therapy and she was telling me how she takes away toys. So I have started to do that. He gets a 1,2,3 and if he is not doing what he should be than I take one of his transformers away.

He really doesn't like it but I think he will figure it out. At least I hope he will. I keep the toy for a whole day.

I also started tonight No more movies at bedtime. We talked about it all day, that he was going to read books, brush his teeth and than go to bed. So that is what we did. He started to ask about his transformers movie and I simple told him they were taken away this morning because he was not listening and he could get them back tomorrow. And that we are not going to be watching anymore movies, Kodi really did not like that.

I asked if he wanted a Bobo and Lala story (Bobo is what Inara called Xander and Lala is Inara) so I told him one about Bobo and Lala going to help out the Transformers. He really liked that. He settled down rightway. Let me put some TLC on him and was sleeping soon after that.

One day down of no movies a couple more to go.

Kingston was a monster today, Sunday is the worst day for him. He usually only gets a 45 minute nap and than is crabby for the rest of the day. He wants to be sleeps at 5 but I won't let him. So by 6:30 he was out for the night. He is still sleeping and will be:)

I was called into the nursery today. I am actually excited about it, since right now I spend second and third hour walking the halls. Kingston like to be very loud and wants to run around. Usually Aaron will get Kingston to sleep for those two hours, but for me he just wants to play and run.

So this way I will be able to let him play, run and be loud all he wants. He is a little young for nursery since he will only be 15 months but that is ok. He will enjoy playing with all the kids.