Thursday, May 14, 2009

Day 9

Yes it's Thursday which means my crazy week is almost done, WAIT I get to do it all over again next week. Haleigh has preschool Monday - Wednesday and I drop her off.
Kodi has speech Tuesday and Thursday morning, and than we have private speech lesson along with this Occupational Therapy Tuesday afternoon.
I am usually running around those three days. Kingston spends most of his naps in the car which means he doesn't get a very good one. So when it come to Thursday my week is winding down.

Kodi had a very hard time this morning when he learned his Speech Teacher Jane was sick and he had a sub. He hid outside of the door and won't go in his classroom. I gave him a hug and told him I loved him and handed him over to the room helper Linda who is the same helper he always has.

He finally stopped crying about three mintues after I left. I waited to see what he was doing while he was crying " I want my mommy" he was sitting in Linda's lap just crying. I did feel bad since Aaron is gone, but I did not want to make it worse for him by going back in the classroom.

He welcomed me with open arms when I picked him up.

He was pretty happy when we got home Pa was home and he was excited to see him. We had BBQ for lunch and Kodi played outside. He asked Pa to bring out Harley for him to ride. Of course Pa did that and let Kodi ride it around. Well in the mean time Kingston woke up from his nap and my Mom brought him outside.

Kingston thought the Harley was pretty cool I put him on it to sit and he found the foot pedal. He nows knows how to ride the little Harley. It's pretty funny to watch him. He loves to go backwords. He gets a huge smile on his face.

I will post the little movie clip of it when I find the camera cord.

We had a good night, the boys are sleeping and Dakota is back in his bed.

I did get a little message from Aaron today. It was good to hear from him. He is good misses us, he is hoping to graducate July 3rd. I am praying that he passes all the tests and that we will see him 4th of July weekend.