Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Day 1 without Daddy

So we have started our new jounrey in life. Aaron was off to the hotel to stay the night and was up very early this morning to report to Meps(spelling I am not sure of) which he did some testing and than was off to the MSP airport to wait for his plane to Great Lakes Naval Base.
I have not heard from him yet to let me know he as arrived I am sure I will hear in a couple of days. According to the recuiter he gets one phone call to let us know he has arrived and that is it. Of course the boys already miss him. Kingston has been walking around the house yelling "bubba" Which he calls Aaron. He does say daddy, but "Bubba" is what he likes.
Kodi is being a wonderful big brother so far, he reminds Kingston that "daddy is away at training." Last week while we were in Colorado Aaron went to "Build a Bear" and let the boys pick out a stuffed animal and recored his voice letting the boys know he loves them. I played it for Kingston tonight and he got a very big smile on his face "bubba and gave the bunny a very big hug."
Both boys are battling some allergies which here in Minnesota it's the season already. Kodi at least will take some of the meds for his allergies. Kingston is still a little to young to give him anything. We are very grateful for my parents and letting us stay with them while Aaron is at Training.
For me the hardest part I keep telling myself is bootcamp. For I can't call him. But we will make it just fine.
I will post some pictures of the boys tomorrow night. I have a goal while Aaron is gone to post every day, with pictures and what we did that day.
The boys and I spent a lot of time in the car this morning. We went with Tara to pick up a water/sand table that she found on craigslist. Than we stopped at Target to picked up some grocerys, but spent the time eatting lunch and than walking around trying to figure out what we needed and the kids than had to use the bathroom of course it was after I asked them if they had to go. LOL
So I ended up not getting anything and taking Haleigh to preschool. Than we came home and it was nap time. Kingston took a good nap I got my work in during this two hour nap and Kodi rested as well. We than went to Tara's home for a little bit but our time was cut short since Kodi 's allergies where bothering him. I took him home and we ate here with Grandma and pa.
Now we are off to bed. At least that is what I am trying to do with kingston, but he is not wanting to, he has been playing with the toys under kodi's bunk bed instead. Little stinker.
Kodi is in bed being a good little boy for Mommy tonight. Which I am very thankful for. I say good night at all!


blondeviolin said...

Basic Training is so hard because communication is so cut off. I know it sounds cliche, but really try to keep busy and settle into a little routine and time will pass. I'm not going to say it will fly by because it usually seems like forever anyway, but somehow you make it through. I didn't do this for the deployment because it was so long and jagged, but I do it for TDYs. I get a bag of candy or something and each night I let the kids take one and by the time their jar is empty, we get to see Daddy. Of course I buy extra so if the TDY gets extended I can secretly fill it up later. But they like to see the amount in the jar get smaller and smaller. Just an idea. The first week or two is hardest, too.

Hope the kids don't drive you too crazy. :)

A. Cobb Family said...

That would be rough not getting to talk to your husband. Im so sorry. That is sooo cute that Aaron recorded his voice on the build a bear for the boys. (i teared up reading that....darn hormones) thats an awesome idea though. be strong! its only for a few weeks.