Sunday, May 31, 2009

26 Days and Counting

I have to say that Satan was working on me today. I woke up with the boys pretty early, and was not ready for the day to start. Thankfully my Mom came and got the kids for me, so I could sleep a little bit longer.

They all went on a walk and she brought Kingston back to go down for a nap before church. Dakota than decided he did not want to wear his church clothes and won't get dressed. After about and hour of him just doing nothing I had enough of his not listening. I was ready to go and Kingston was still sleeping but Kodi was making ever noise he could to wake up KK.

That was just the beginning of Kodi melting down. We finally got ready and left for Church we were about 15 minutes late and the parking lot was full. Not fun we finally just pulled up next the curb and got out. We ended up sitting out on the couch and Kodi said he was behave so I let him go and sit with everyone else. Well that did not happen, Scott ended up bring him back out for be Kodi thought it would be a good idea to play the drums with his colored pencils. So they were taken away.

I ended up putting him in a room next to the bishops office until Sacrement was over and he thankfully went to primary.

I was off to the nursery, which we have a very small group of kids. Kingston is the youngest of them and I want to say we have 2 boys who are 2. Only 1 girl in the bunch. It was nice to be able to let Kingston just play and not run after him. This calling will serve me well. I can't wait.

We than came home and had Katy, Haleigh and Inara over, all three kids played very well until Inara and Kodi decided they wanted more cookies. Which we told them no. Well Inara listened, but Kodi ran away from Katy. He really melted down this time.

I am not sure what do with him when he is just melts down. I finally just ignored him and continued to put him back in his room, until he was done scream and throwing at fit. I have tried everything to help him understand that throwing a fit is not ok. I take his toys away, put him in time out.

I have decided to take this matter up with the Lord and pray on it to figure out how I can best help him. I know having Aaron gone is very hard on him and he doesn't know why he is mad at Daddy for leaving him. I tell him that Daddy is coming back and we will see him soon.

It seems that one Sunday a Month Satan just hits me hard and I don't want to even try and make it to church. Which is when I need it the most.

I have a goal for the next week, and it's to pray with the kids every morning and night, read one verse of scriptures with them, they already watch the Living Scriptures during lunch, and to read my scriptures daily. I know that will bless our family so much.

I can't believe we are almost down to 1 month to see Aaron, the boys miss their Daddy so very much as do I, the difference is that I understand why he is gone and I know he will return. I tell the boys every day that Daddy loves them and we will be together again soon. Which is the most I can do.


blondeviolin said...

Some days are harder than others, that's for sure. I don't love battling the kids into church on my own. I sometimes think, "So, I'm here, yet I don't hear the speakers or the lesson because of XYZ and then my kid is falling apart so I can't even feel the Spirit as well as I'd like. What's the point?" And then later I realize that's exactly what Satan wants me to think. And even if I don't hear what's being taught, my children SEE what is being taught by me and my actions.

*hugs* It's not a permanent thing...that's what I always tell myself. LOL

Jami said...

Oh, Mary, my heart goes out to you. I hope this last month can go by fast for you and that the boys will be more peaceful for you. :) I'm always hearing about how sweet they are. You are so brave! You will be blessed for the praying together. When we started really focusing on that, I could totally feel a change in the Spirit in our home. I'll pray for you, too! Hang in there!

Mary said...

Thanks everyone for your comments it's means the world to our family.