Saturday, May 30, 2009

Day 25

Yet another good day for us. Kingston decided he needed to be up at 6:15 this morning, (he is killing me with getting up so early) he than yelled for Grandma to come and get him "Momma, Momma" that is what he calls her.
"Kingston stop that Grandma is sleeping"
He found some toys to play with and I turned on Playhouse Disney for him to watch. He loved that. Grandma came and got him around 7:45ish, he was so happy to see her. Kodi was awake as well, so much for sleeping in.

We had all the grandchildren here this morning except for Haleigh, The kids played pretty good all together. It was nice enough to send them all outside, Pa pushed Inara and Kodi on the swings while Kingston and Xander rode the Harley around the yard.

It was finally time for them to leave and we came in and took a little nap, actually Kingston did and Kodi and I watched Transformers The Movie. Which was good. I like the movie better than his cartoons.

We went grocery shopping with Grandma and Inara later and than headed over to Katy's house. It was good to see her and Haleigh and play with them.

We had homemade pizza which the kids loved, and than later some ice cream. Both boys were out before we made it to the Mall which is not far from her house, I would say less than two minutes away.

What a fun day it was. We are heading into the 4th week Aaron has been in bootcamp, Half way done. It has gone fast for us, and soon enough we will be moving to a new place. It's hard to think about it now but before I know it the summer will be gone, the kids will be starting school, this time away from Aaron will have pasted.

I can't wait!