Friday, May 29, 2009

Day 23

We had a pretty good day. Kodi had a wonderful day at school. He did much better with the Sub than last time, he walked in and started talking to her, and said good bye to us.

Kingston and I than headed over to Target to get some things, I tried to waste as much time as I could but my shopping didn't last the whole 1 1/2 that Kodi was in class, so I started back in the car and Kingston fell asleep, so I just want in the parking lot until Kodi was done.

But that time it was pretty nice outside, so I called Tara to see what they were up to and found out that Xander had an ear infection, so I offered to take Inara and let Xander rest.

The two had a great time playing and going in the sprinker. It was a blast Kingston even was out in the sprinker. He would bend over and get the cold water right in the fast run away and go back for more. Silly litle boy, he loved it so much. I want to say they played in the sprinker for a good hour or more. Than it was time for Inara to go home.

Once we got back home I started to clean up and make dinner. During the process I got a very bad headache and it was making me sick so I told Kodi I needed to go and lay down. Both boys just played in our room and where very good for me until my Mom came back from the temple. By than the advil had started to work. I hate when I get those headaches.

The boys went down for me pretty good last night, Kingston must be hitting a growth spurt all he wants to do is eat. He will be 15 months on June 1st which is totally crazy to me, time has flown by.