Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Day 14

I am not sure how hot it actually got here, but the one bank sign said it was 96 degrees today. All I know is that it was hot. Very, very hot outside.

We had school and than speech to keep us busy, plus we had to run back home after Therapy and open the house for Sir to look at the fridge. It was making a funny noise before we left and he was checking it out for Pa since he is still away on business. Of course when we came back the noise had stopped. But it was very nice of his to come.

Kodi did a great job at Therapy he listened to me and went right back to change and than did all this work like he was suppose to. He has been working on Colors with Sara and Megan today they worked on the color blue. So for the next week we will pointing out everything that is blue. He is also working on shapes and how to draw them. When he draws circles he does go around,and around and doesn't stop.

So we work alot on that with his drawings. He loves to draw and paint, just like his dad.

We spent a good part of the day outside. We ended back at Tara's house we let the kids play outside, Scott brought out their little pirate ship pool with a slide and than the baby pool. Of course Kingston was all about the big kid pool istead of his pool. He was soaking wet and loving it. He went down the slide a couple of time. His little legs were turning red from the cold water, but he didnt' care at all.

It was a good and fun day. After we left we headed to Target once again this time it was for Grandma and not us. She had to return somethings and bought Kodi some batteries for his hat with a light.

He as been a great little boy tonight, so has Kingston. Thankfully Kingston is sleeping, Kodi did not eat too much dinner so he is here with me eatting a bowl of cereal. If I would let him eat cereal he would for every meal. Right now his favorite cereal is King Vitamin. He is also very tired, you can see it in his little eyes.

I will be taking more pictures now since I found the charger :) I was happy about that today. We have two batteries but that does you no good when both of your batteries are dead.