Friday, May 15, 2009

Day 10 WOW I can't believe it's been 10 days

It was a very good day for us here in Minnesota. The kids played outside almost all morning long. It was park day so we ended with Tara and her kids to the park and of course no one else showed up so we decided to change parks. The kids loved the park we picked. It's right by a water tower and they have been asking to play at the park.

We came home and I put Kingston down for his nap. Made a late lunch for the two kids and decided I was in need of a nap as well. Haleigh also informed me that she was tried, so I told her it was ok if she went to sleep. Kodi was on the only one who did not take a nap. He watching Robin Hood and didn't want to miss it.

We have started watching the living scriptures for our scripture time. The kids love it, I am able to than talk to the kids about the stories. So far they really like it.

After nap time we waited from Grandma to come home. I took some cereal outside and let the kids feed the birds Kingston just ate the food off the ground. Silly little boy, it didn't take long for Grandma to drive up. We decided to take the kids in the backyard since Kingston wanted to play in the road.

We ended up being outside until dinner time. Once the kids came in Kodi started to play with some blocks Grandma has to help him learn his colors. We have Yellow down and has been working on Red and Green at Therapy.

It was bath night for both boys. If my kids could live in the bath they would. Kingston took a good long bath and than started to eat the toys so I took him out. Kodi played in the bath tub until he was all wrinkly. When he plays in the tub we let him have shaving cream which he loves playing with. It's a great sensory tool for him. Of course he tried to shave like daddy. I told him to use one of the foam letters for the razor and he thought it was the best idea.

I was working on cleaning out our room and finding a place for everything, I heard a little soft voice "Mommy, mommy" it was Kodi calling for me.
I walked into the bathroom and he was standing on the bath mat "I need you mommy"
It was pretty cute.

He got ready for bed ate some gold fish and watched some of his Transfomers and was out like a light. He has only slept in my bed twice since we have been here. He loves his bed and would rather sleep in his "Tunk Bed"

Kingston on the other hand did not want to go down for bed. We ended up turning off all the lights and Grandma taking him, which of course once he saw she was going to bed he wanted mommy.

He is now sleeping but it took a little bit. He just doesn't want to miss anything.

I did get my room pretty much cleaned out and things put away. I have three HUGE baskets full of dirty clothes. I guess that is what I am working all next week. Fun for me.
I also have been putting all of Aaron's clothes in a suit case to make more room for me in the closet.
My next project is to clean up the playroom and get our garage sale ready for next week.