Tuesday, May 12, 2009

One week down 7 more to go

It's been one whole week since we said "good bye" to Aaron. Kingston and Kodi are still trying to figure out why Daddy is not here. Kodi says he is at Training and KK just knows Daddy is not here.
As kodi was going to bed tonight we looked at some family pictures Kodi had a very big smile when we saw Aaron's picture. At first he thought Aaron was online and wanted to know why Daddy wasn't talking back to him.LOL

Kodi had a wonderful day at school and at Therapy, he went right into school and was happy to be with his friends. He even had to say "good bye" to his bus driver. I think he misses riding the bus sometimes.

Once we got to Therapy and he was inside he was ready to go back and play. Both therapists said Kodi was great. Which was really good to hear. We have decided to go back and do another round of his music. Which means i have to get the storage unit to get out the rest of his CD's.

I was able to take a good walk this afternoon with the kids and my good friend Dave. We had a great time, even with the wind blowing us away.

I received a package this morning and I thought it was our stuff from Grandma and Papa, as I opened the box I was a little confused for it had Aaron's shoes and his pants, I than figured out that it was his stuff from bootcamp. He told me he was going to throw it away and not send it home, but I guess he was wrong. I just wish he would have put a little note in for us. :(

I also did get his address today. He has made it to boot camp just fine, I don't know how he is or anything. Kodi was excited to be able to send Daddy some mail, which i have about 4 or 5 letters to send him.


blondeviolin said...

I bet you they made him mail it home, even if he WANTED to throw it away.

Glad you got his address!

Mary said...

I so did not want his dirty undeware. GROSS even if it's my husbands.