Thursday, May 7, 2009

Day 2

Today was a wonderful day for us. The sun was out and it was nice and hot. Kodi went to Speech class as usual he had the "star bag" which means he put a special item in the bag and has to use his words to describe what is in the bag. Of course he had to had one of his Transformers in the bag. I didn't have to remind him to much this morning to get going once I reminded him about the "star bag" he got ready and had time to eat his cereal and milk, and we were off.
He loves school so very much. As we were walking to the car on the way out he saw Linda his helper and yelled" Lina I love you bye" he is such a loving little boy. He loves his teachers. He is very excited about learning his new words, and how to talk. He has made such leaps this past year. I am truly grateful for everyone who has helped him.
Kingston had a great day, he played and played all day. He did not want to stop and take a afternoon nap. I finally got him to stop going and he slept for about 2 hours, if I had not woken him up he probably would have slept a lot longer. He is a growing little boy. I was doing my 10 minute trainer tonight with Mom and Pa, and Kingston came over and started to stretch with us. It was pretty cute. I know why I don't workout with my kids around they won't leave me alone.
At the begining of the 10 minutes Kingston decided he was going to crawl under the TV tray in the corner and got stuck. Which I had to move the tray and Pa had to come and help me since one of his plants was using the TV tray. My Mom got a bowl with some KIXs in it for him to eat but thought it was better to dump them out on to my yoga mat and step on them. So I ended up holding him while I did the lower body. What a workout my legs and butt had.
He is now finally sleeping. Having Daddy gone is hard on both boys. Kingston has not wanted to go to sleep for the past three nights. I dont' know if that is because Aaron is gone or not. Dakota seems to be doing ok, just talks about Daddy a lot. Tonight I pushed Kingston Bunny that has Aaron saying "Kingston Daddy and Mommy Love you" he kissed it and hugged it. Kodi heard Aarons' voice and got his Doggy and did the same thing. He looked at me and said " Daddy loves me" Man that made me really miss him. I have been doing so very good about not thinking to much about Aaron being gone, but that just hit me pretty hard.
Both boys know that Aaron loves them. Dakota says our family morning prayer and we include Daddy and the rest of the family in our prayers.
I know I said I would post pictures but I have to find where Aaron put the cord for the carmera. So pictures will have to wait. I hope that tomorrow it doesn't rain for Park days have started and I want to go. We have so many good parks around here. I just love park days! I am not sure what will happen or what we will do. I suppose I could start to put things away and not live out of boxes! LOL I know my mom would like that.