Monday, May 11, 2009

Day 6

It was a pretty good day for us. The boys slept in a little bit which was good, since they both decided at 3 am to be awake. So we didn't really get going until 10ish.
We took Haleigh to school and than headed over to the apartment building to turn in our keys! When we got there the Manager was on lunch so we walked back down the stairs and headed out to the park when Gina the Manager yelled at me from her apt to come up and she would let me turn in the keys. Which I thought was very nice for she had just started her lunch break.

We are now offically out of the apartment, now if only they can send me my deposit this week. I let Kodi play on the playground once last time. He loved it, and Kingston was pretty happy walking around and putting the little rocks in his mouth. Silly little boy.

I was ready to go and it we needed to get back home to pick up Haleigh. We got home and I decided that we should bike to Haleigh's school. Well that was easier said that done. I had never set up the bike trailer before so I had no idea what I was doing. Plus the all the tires needed to be filled. Needless to say we packed up in the car and went and got her.

Kodi was a little upset for not belign able to ride the bike, so I told him when we got home we could go on a bike ride. So I kept my promise as I was sitting in the front yard trying to figure out how to get the trailer on Tara drove up. She knew what she was doing with the trailer. We figured out I was missing a piece to conntect the trailer, we looked on my bike and it was on it. So I took it off, by this time it was time for her to head back home.
I packed up all three kids Yes that is right all three. KK is on the back of Aaron's bike in a seat, and I was pulling Haleigh and Kodi in the trailer. We headed out for a very short ride. We didn't make it that far but it was about a 15 minute ride. Which are me was enough, my legs where hurting so bad, but I did my work out for today! My goal is to be able to bike to Haleigh's school twice a week. Which I should be able to do.

We cleaned the playroom a little bit more tonight. Last time we needed up all in my bed. I have been noticing that Kodi is having more and more meltdowns with Aaron being gone. I decided it was time to bring out his music therapy again and start that. We did one 30 minute run today and he will continue it tomorrow. Which is good for he seeing this Therapists tomorrow. It seemed to work pretty well today.

I also am not going to be letting him watch his movies before bed gain. He was pretty good about not watching TV before bed, right before we moved. But for him it's a comfort thing, which I didn't mind, but he wasn't going to sleep until 10ish, which I did mind.

So tonight we played with this tools, and made some cool toys picked up and got ready for bed, than he and I read one book and I told him a Bobo and Lila story (it's a story about his cousins)
and he went to sleep.

I have two wonderful sleeping little boys next to me. I hope they sleep tonight. Tomorrow is our busy day, but only for a couple more weeks, than School will be out:)