Monday, May 11, 2009

Day 5 Mother's Day

So last night I did not get a chance to update the blog :( the boys were not having a good night. So it will be this morning that I post. I had a wonderful Mother's day, Aaron had some flowers sent on Saturday, He had the boys sign a card which I got.
We went to church and had a wonderful Sunday. I do miss his being at church with us, he usually takes Kingston for Second and Third Hour and gives me a break. But not anymore, I spent most of my time either in the Mother's room or walking the halls. Kingston decided that he wanted to sing during class and RS. I was not happy about that.
But he did finally take a nap which was good. Kodi went the sunbeams, he loves his class, and it's a huge sunbeam class he has 12 kids in his class and only one teacher. She is wonderful I just love her. I have sat in on his class during Sharing Time to help her out. She did have a helper but she just moved out of the ward. So it's just one teacher. Thankful he is not in Xander's class his class is a handful.
I am just thankful that he goes to class and I don't have to fit with him on it. Inara and Kodi walk hand in hand to primary and sit down together. Now only if he would just sit and stay in his chair that would great. That is a work in progress.
Haleigh gave a wonderful Talk yesterday on getting baptised, She can't wait to turn 8. I did get a movie of it but I still don't know where my camera cord is.
I started to clean out the playroom yesterday and put all the toys how I want them. It's not done by any means but it's getting there. My room is still a huge mess and I am sure it will be that way for some time. Just trying to go and find places for all of our things. We only have two rooms and not a lot of space. I am grateful for our two rooms, and for the help my parents are giving us while Aaron is gone.
Kodi told me he "misses Daddy big much" and you can sure tell. He melts down a lot more and a lot easier than before. I will ask for a Daddy Hug and Kodi gives me a great big huge. We are learning how to handle Daddy being gone. We are almost to one week down!