Thursday, May 21, 2009

Day 15/16

So last night as I was putting Kingston to sleep I fell asleep as well, he was not wanting to go down and finally went to sleep around 10ish. I was pretty tried myself. We had a great day the kids played and played outside in the 90 plus heat. I bought them some squirk guns and they had a blast.

You would have thought they would have crashed but of course neither one did. We heard from Aaron and he is doing good. Boot camp is better than what he was thinking. He has another member of the church in his division and they walk to the branch on base on sundays, which is a huge blessing for them.

Some of his shipmates don't keep their mouths shut when they should, but other than that he is good.

Kodi loved hearing from his Daddy, he was upset after we read the letter and wanted Daddy to come home. I had to show him when we would be able to drive down and see Aaron. We cant' wait.

Today was a great day, Kodi went to school just fine. When we walkedin the classroom Jane had th room set up as an airplane. Which I thought was pretty cool. He came home with a little paper suit case with his stuff in it.
He just loves, but he won't let me take any pictures of it. Silly boy. We when went to come garage sales, we did not find anything but had a good time looking. Kodi had been telling me that his ear was hurting so I took him in, and of course both ears looked great. But the dr gave him so drops anyway.

Kingston was a trooper for sitting the car for so long. He started to to fall asleep around 4 and I won't let him go to sleep. I did not want a repeat of last night. Pa came home and both boys were very excited to see him. They would not let him out of their sites. Kingston followed Pa around the house and Kodi keep saying "Pa I tell you something"

Tomorrow is a busy day for us we are going to be planting the plants in the garden, we don't have any of them . Which means we will be out buying them. Kodi can't wait, he is very excited to be able to help Pa in the garden.

I will take some pictures of the boys tomorrow gardening, it should be a fun time for us.